Catholic Social Teachings – The State And The Church Upside Down –

Pope Francis Facing Criticism Ahead of Tomorrow’s Colombia Visit – On OnePeterFive

Priests from different dioceses – I cannot name them for different reasons – are praying that the pope will not step on Colombian soil. Many prayer groups are praying that he will not come.


Critic of Pope Francis’ Visit: “Many Are Convinced, That He’s Connected to Freemasonry”- On EP

Pope Francis ran interference for the persecutors, making the flatly false statement that “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence.”

Millions of Christians in the Middle East were murdered, displaced from their homes, forcibly converted to Islam, made to pay the jizya, enslaved, brutalized…did the Vatican ever discuss their plight at the state level with any government?

Iran, Vatican discuss plight of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar


The Pope In Myanmar. The Violent Face of Buddhism – Magister On Settimo Cielo – – L’Espresso


Buddhist Persecution of Christians on the Rise


Vietnamese Catholics Persecuted by Communist Pro-Government Thugs


The USCCB continues its tradition of internal corruption and liberal impediments to a traditional restoration of the Country and all things in Christ An Attack On The President


An Ideological Coup against Trump? | | LifeSite


Immigration And the Kind Of Nation We Need To Be -On Return To Order

Immigration And the Kind Of Nation We Need To Be


What is the Christian Understanding of the Social Order? – By Thomas Storck On Ethika Politika


The Insidious Question, The Double Standards of Political Jargon –


September 7 – The Outrage of Anagni

It had been the practice to speak of the spiritual and temporal powers in terms of pope and emperor, and it was long before it was realized, at least on the papal side, that the civil power, defeated as emperor, had returned to the attack with more aggressive vigour as the Monarchy and the State. The papal-imperial controversy continued, though with increasing unreality, when the pope was at Avignon, and the emperor was Louis of Bavaria, and little effort was made to adapt to the new conditions the older theory of the co-ordinate powers of Church and State, both of immediate Divine origin but differing in dignity.


Sciarra Colonna slapping Pope Boniface VIII in the face


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