The Renewal Of Catholic Liturgy as the basis of the renewal of western Christendom’s  – traditional culture , and traditional academic and philosophy realms  


Video tour of Gardone Riviera

Churches that are poised are architecturally , that survived largely intact , the protestantization and iconoclasm post conciliar era of the Catholic Church – already prepared for the restoration movement

CATHOLIC ITALY: Climbing Catholic Mountains – On The Remnant Newspaper


Ars Celebrandi 2017 liturgical workshop in Licheń, Poland

Ars Celebrandi, the largest workshop Eastern Europe, took place — for the fourth time — at the Shrine of Our Lady in Licheń on 20th-27th of July


Why Eros and the Worship of God Are the Keys to Countering Philosophical Error

If all right philosophy is derived from the adoption of right premises, the question then reduces to: how do we choose the axioms, the foundational truths, upon which the whole edifice is built?

For Catholics, the strongest presentation of these premises is encountered in the person of Christ in the liturgy. Through this encounter, because we are in relation with Truth…………



Watch – Crusading Against the Dissenters

Completely Duped by the Dissenters | On The Vortex

“First, there are the Dissenters, well situated on the political and “theological Left.” Then, we have the Traditionalists, occupying the other end of the spectrum, which is the correct end and who are certainly theologically accurate, as well as largely politically conservative “The Dissenters crowd. They have played a masterful game of cunning and deceit for decades. Much of the work in the Church for at least the next 50 years will be pushing back at correcting the chaos these Churchmen have piled on the faithful. Right now, for the most part, they still hold sway from Rome to many individual dioceses. But they are aging rapidly. Soon they will be gone. And what they have left behind is not a group of young, hippie-minded Catholics like themselves but a Church that has been abandoned by and large. They did not change the Church, just emptied out the pews.” Voris

There won’t be much left to start rebuilding, but there will be enough. These next few years, which is all they have left, will be about resisting their evil and laying the groundwork for the greatest comeback in 2,000 years of our sacred history.

Game on Dissenters, you Leftists. We hope and pray you convert to the authentic faith, but until you do, your evil will not be tolerated.”


Crusader Saints Of August

Remembering St. Louis the Crusader Saint – On Crisis Magazine


King, Crusader, Saint – Loius IX – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

King of France, son of Louis VIII and Blanche of Castile, born at Poissy, 25 April, 1215; died near Tunis, 25 August, 1270.


A Painting of the Hôpital des Quinze-Vingts in 1809 – Still In Existence