Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Saves the Philippines from the Invading Dutch Fleet – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Is History Always Doomed To  Repeat Itself?

In spite of Dutch alliances with Muslim raiders, years of frustration to conquer Manila came to a head.


Recent and surrounding events prior to 1646 proved ominous to Spanish authorities and residents of Old Manila alike as well as to the rest of the country.

  • The ravages of the Thirty Years’ War had taken its toll on Spain which left the Philippines scrounging for relief and aid.
  • Various sea wrecks and mishaps weakened Manila’s naval capability and defense which also had debilitating economic consequences on the Manila-Acapulco galleon trade.
  • The ongoing war against the Muslims of Mindanao spearheaded by Sultan Kudarat (since 1635) weighed heavy on both human and material resources.
  • A Chinese uprising also known as the Sangley[5] rebellion erupted on Christmas Eve of 1639.
  • The Dutch captured Malacca in 1641 and in the following year overran Spain’s fortress on the island of Formosa (present day Taiwan) north of the island of Luzon which boosted their campaign to seize King Philip II’s possessions in Asia. Now the Dutch had a strategic point to launch their coastal raids along Manila Bay and to carry out attacks on Manila. Through years of build-up, the Dutch had acquired a formidable naval presence in the region with Batavia (Jakarta) as the rallying point.
  • In the spiritual realm, Manila suffered a terrible blow when its newly installed archbishop, His Grace Don Fernando Montero de Espinosa who just arrived from Mexico on the Pacific side of Luzon Island never made it to the city when he died of hemorrhagic fever in mid-1645. Elation turned into grief. The lack of spiritual leadership further dampened the morale of the inhabitants.
  • And to add insult to injury, a devastating earthquake hit the ancient city on November, 30, 1645 razing several buildings, schools and churches to the ground. The utter ruin left the city practically vulnerable and defenseless.

Through The First Battle Our Lady Of La Naval Pray For Us Through The 2nd Through The Fifth – Victory ! Our Lady Of La Naval Pray For Us – Now As The Threat Resumes  Her Ever-needed Intercession Is At Hand

Our Lady Of La Naval


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These are the real issues to do with the Philippines, its Catholic history from Spain and the Threats both mutually share today  

What we have instead is people creating a hybridization of the stories of pagan ancestry of these lands as well as the  central and south American lands . There are attempts to graft, in hybrid fashion, elements of the old testament, with fables of Solomon’s gold , false biblical exegesis and cleverly orchestrated narratives on You Tube. This in turn is taking peoples focus off the foot of the cross and the real issues that face us today that are repeating history and are seen in the creation of ISIS. It is the same enemy

Within one generation from now potentially two, the trajectory is that the Philippines will be a muslim majority, controlled country.


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This Story Is Interspersed With The Breaking Phenomenon Of Stories Of Limiting Free Speech ,violating the US Constitution There is a huge prevailing subplot mirroring the secular realm underway, and this  within the establishment Catholic Church and its mainstream media. Although many credible sources , both academic and religious ( including within the hierarchy of the Church) are citing the gnosticism of the Jesuit religion currently flexing its power and influence upon the mainstream elements of the Church. It is common knowledge that the Jesuit Universities are all but under their control and teaching the new religion.

Today’s Freemasonry extols the non-trinitarian arian God of islam

The highest degrees from the 20s to the 33rd degree involve honoring the islamic understanding of arianism – with the only difference being their mantra of their gods being equal in all religions, which is the ideology and philosophy of the gnosticism within neo-Jesuitism



However among the Jesuits there can be found a voice of Truth – a rebel against  the stream of this age’s new religion

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*** The control of the systems and airwaves that form the minds of the next generation is also at war ***


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History Always Repeats Itself 

Christ himself will come again but when he arrives again or if we end here before He arrives, He will still  be our Judge