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In the past several weeks Catholic social media was attacked by censorship – and suppression – labeled “Too Controversial”

We experienced it – They also floated a trial balloon on Facebook recently as I’m sure most heard , in order to see if they could take down the majority ( or a good percentage ) of the traditional and /or conservative Catholic sites simultaneously and for them it was successful

In the process we were taken down and censored as well . We’re now back up on a sister site and exploring options, as CMTV just did. as to migrating storage and access of their own context not via the cloud services world

People don’t realize that all these electronic books tied to keys like Kindle could get instantly removed, from their own supposed ownership. In the flick of a button, once it is deemed in violation of one of the new immoral ideologies that have morphed into mainstream acceptance, it’s gone.

Saint Michael’s Media gives a good summary of the archetype and their immediate action plan

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It Began In The Spring – 2017

Not just the Catholic free press that rails against the establishment Catholic media propaganda but in the socio-political realms as well  like the Alex Jones show,  that the other part of the world calls conspiracy theories became the battlefields where the “theory” became reality.

Full Show – Google Caught in Giant Censorship Scandal YouTube



But Now We’re Back Collecting All The Best Subject Themed Traditional Catholic Social Teaching & News Perspectives Currently On The Airwaves

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Queen Elizabeth II Becomes The Longest Reigning Royal Monarch In HistoryAn additional interesting fact she allows fishermen to keep their catch as a privilege – As the reigning Monarch She still owns all the sea life , including dolphins and wales within the coastal waters of the United Kingdom – which also goes for UK territories outside mainland Britain and the like  

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O Glorious Saint Anne Pray For Us 

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