Cardinal Müller Sabotages SSPX Reconciliation on His Way Out – On EP – And in a previous communique he delayed them and put pause into the rest of the Curia on the deal –Cardinal Müller Acknowledges Pope’s Unjust Dismissal of His Men — SSPX Reconciliation Needs More Time — Dismisses the Dubia as “Ideological”


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For the record: Cardinal Müller’s letter to Bishop Fellay on the necessary conditions for “full re-establishment of communion” with the SSPX

Father Jean-Michel Gleize, SSPX: Unity or Legality? On The Remnant Newspaper


As For The SSPX Priests

SSPX Ordinations Recognized as Licit and Valid – As Declared By Rome – On EP

Priestly Ordinations 2017 to be the First at New Seminary in Virginia – On SSPX District of the USA


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The un-demonization of the SSPX II: Bishop Rey makes his move – Rorate Caeli

John Venari , may God rest his soul –A Catholic Family News archive from 2015 On You Tube

Voris, SSPX and Misplaced Outrage

Interview with Bp. Bernard Fellay – District of the USA


In New Orthodox Review, in the print version of this Catholic Journal

In a turn of events a formerly decent publication /Catholic Journal NOR (new orthodox review), the former Anglican converts , conservative Catholic school whose charism was always centered on the neo-con niche (neo-conservative- & reform of the new Rite Liturgy ) with authors Fr John Newhouse and the like .. i.e. Patrick Moynihan, Richard John Neuhaus, George Weigel, ect…comes out against the Remnant and Traditional Catholics in general . This the  end of a series of articles some of which condemned the SSPX and the traditional liturgical movement – Keeping a subscription to this journal, their movement to the left, and their constant sympathies with this radical obscurant Papacy of Francis I is more than enough impetus to drop them – enough is enough.


From The May 2017 Archive Update

SSPX News And Updates On Reconciling | TCE |


What will October 13th 2017 bring

Some say if this order is reconciled the tens of thousands of regularized Catholics will help reform the increasing internal corruption of the Catholic Church
Others say Our Lady’s mandate was not fulfilled and the Papacy and the new Vatican Dicastry heads will announce the globalism vision of the new one world religion and the rebuke of the Catholic Dogma ‘ Extra Ecclesium Nulla Salus’