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It’s called “Anthropocentricism”

It is the theology behind the religion that was originally proposed in the 1500s ” protestantism ” along with its social teaching element of egalitarianism in Christian democracy of human centeredness, which becomes dependent on the people of fallen creation, or otherwise “human centered” as opposed to Christocentric”

In our studies in the past ten years on Sacred Scripture Tradition and Liturgy I have seen it typified most in the charismatic and neo-catechumen expressions of Catholicism whose theologies align themselves with the protestant philosophies of liturgy and theology which redefine the highest form of worship of the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass of where Jesus the Son of God is re-offered to God the Father as a propritiation and oblation for our sins to something instead that uses Praise and Lively Worship to unite humans to each other and God (horizontally)rather than as the first 70 Apostles designed it as a solemn propitiation from which all else flows

Praise & worship – the veneration of creation & resurrection is ok in subsidiary form, outside of the main Catholic worship which is “Calvary” and  which all else must flow from for its remission of sin. Saint Aquinas teaches us that “the sins of the people are not a measure of what the Church holds to be true”

Once it becomes anglicanized and or lutheranized, with the continuing post conciliar  1960s attempt of utopia, it becomes instead “syncretism ” , then error  flows from error and cascades into their multiplicities of erred social teachings as we now see in a panoply of dominoes

All the Catholic academics -theologians- and the ascetic cloistered orders are in consensus that the heart of it all is the restoration of traditional liturgy in that right belief can only flow from right worship -lex credendi lex orandi – how we worship is how we believe


*** And then the domino affect continues to not trickle down but waterfall down ***


Protestant Methodists and also the Trinitarian denying denomination of the United Church Of Christ has now officially joined the other false Church
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The Conglomeration of Southern Baptist Affiliated Churches /denomination has just moved one step closer to authentic Christianity

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Women Become Involved In Liturgy – Altar Servers , Acolytes , Lectors, and  the protestant word ” Ministers”  (of Holy Communion) is introduced and Feminism is then unleashed into the administration of Parishes and then the hierarchy of the Church itself

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Egalitarianism and Christian Democracy based on the vote of the people of fallen creation is infiltrating (or has infiltrated ) Rome

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The Results Of The Erred Social Teachings Continuing To Domino Into The Church

Sicily To Join The Other Catholic Church  – Sicilian Bishops’ AL Guidelines Authorize Communion for Adulterous Couples On Rorate Caeli


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***What Does Authentic Worship Look And Feel Like***

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Next up in the new Rome Catholic Church for revamp and discarding are the Catholic doctrines against controlling birth

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The Sins Of Contraception – Which Are The Origin Of The Incarnation Of The Culture Of Death Are On The Papal Reform’s Fast-Track List

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Safe spaces for the education of our children are rapidly dwindling even in the arts, music, and literature space as the enemy advance The revolution also seeks “the air” , which makes sense because he is the prince of this world.

It is a coincidence that this insightful article piece appears at this time . Just recently when having a marathon day out with the family on obligations and errands – we had the peace of WQXR –the classical music station of NYC all day, and wondered how long this remaining bastion of a beach head largely free from the infiltration  of the new mafia’s indoctrination of the next generation

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What Will They Do Next ? To Date The New Rite Culture Of The Catholic Church Has Shown No Other Mode But Acquiescence, Therefore What Is Next Is Inevitable

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Dutch Bishop Cancels Prayer Service for Gay Parade



Homosexualist Jesuit Priest Releases New Book

https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/homosexualist-jesuit-priest-releases-new-book by Rodney Pelletier On CMTV

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And in news you may have missed

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Today’s Saints Of The Day

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And In A Related Guest Article On Garabandal

Garabandal: Two who were blessed to witness the Miracle of the Visible Host

Miracle of the Visible Host at Garabandal on July 19, 1962 – Of Divine Providence it is the same date range as the publication of the last traditional Liturgy Missal that communicated the Mass 100% as a sacrifice of propitiation and oblation for sin, as it had for the prior two millennia


In June 1962, Conchita was told by St Michael that, in response to her repeated requests for a Miracle so that people would believe, God would allow to be seen on her tongue the Holy Communion which he administered. The Communion was normally visible only to the children in ecstasy. This was to take place on the 18 July 1962. A large crowd was in attendance and, in the early hours of the 19 July, Conchita went into ecstasy and the event was photographed. Here is a synopsis of the story:


There were two persons in front of Conchita when this event occurred, and their testimonies are more important than the above photograph in bringing home the reality of what happened and the reality of the Eucharist Itself. One was an engineer, Alejandro Damians, with no experience at all in using a movie camera. He was in the state of grace and obtained photos. The other was a surgeon, Dr. Jean-Baptiste Caux, who was experienced in photography but who was not in the state of grace. He obtained no photo. Here is how they describe their experience:

Caux: “Permit me to ask a question: Did you feel at that moment a joy so tremendous, so beyond this world, that you couldn’t compare it with anything?”

Damians: “It was a joy so intense, so profound, that I can’t explain it, nor can I compare it with anything. It was something exceptional! – something for which I’d give my life, and which didn’t allow me later to follow the girl’s ecstasy, or to go with my wife or with anyone; I was only able to go off into a corner by myself and sob in silence.”

Caux: “What was the reason for your great joy? And were you in the state of grace at the time?”

Damians: “I was in God’s grace; and my enormous emotion wasn’t caused by the miracle itself, or in seeing the girl with the white object on her tongue. The great thing that had such a tremendous effect on me was finding myself in the presence of the living and true God. I wouldn’t exchange that for anything in the world. If God wants me to see the Miracle that is predicted, I’ll be delighted, but if it’s not to be, what can I say? [It was not God’s will that Senor Damians see another Miracle. He died a few years ago.] It would be difficult for anything in the world to equal the impression I had in seeing Him during that solemn and magnificent moment in my life.”

Caux: “You don’t know how happy that makes me on the one hand, and how miserable on the other. I felt the same as you, but with the opposite result! Listen to this. I was all ready to film the event; but everything went wrong and I wasn’t able to film anything. Only at the last moment, in the last fraction of a second, did I manage to see the Host as It began disappearing, being swallowed by the girl. At that moment, I was pierced by a terrible pain, a horrible pain that overwhelmed me! It was the pain caused by a God I had come to catch a glimpse of and Who was going away from me… It was only then that it occurred to me – I hadn’t thought about it before – that I was in the state of mortal sin. I wept like you, not from joy but pain! I understood what sin was and what hell was. It was useless for my wife to try to console me; nor could I explain anything, nor could she understand me. That pain was something too great to share or be assuaged. Because of this, I believe that only if God permits me to see the [great] Miracle – now that I try to always be in His grace – will there depart from me this pain so profound that I think it’s going to kill me, and which still continues piercing my heart.”

“But now I know who God is and what He wants of me, what the hell is of not seeing God and how this pain, I would give more than my whole fortune to avoid it, was relieved in confession (and now also with the hope of seeing the Miracle some day). Whatever people say, and although many ridicule me, I cannot abandon the service of the Garabandal cause to which I owe this profound and terribly awesome feeling which I hope will either leave me or fill me to overflowing on the day of the Miracle. The view of hell moves me to try to move the world myself, announcing what has happened and what is going to happen, so that it can be saved. My family was the first to think I was crazy although now they don’t think that way. But I assure you that nothing that anyone thinks of me matters; the only thing that matters to me is God.”

(As an addendum to the above is this excerpt from a letter written in April, 1970, by Maria Teresa Le Pelletier de Glatigny): “One afternoon in Paris, Dr. Caux told us confidentially what he had felt on that night in Garabandal. Among other things, he told me how at the exact moment of the Miracle, he had lived and experienced what human words could not convey: what it is to lose God, the true pain of hell. At the same time, he was filled with all the horror of being in the state of mortal sin. ‘Pray for me, Madam,’ he told me at the end, ‘so that I may never fall into sin again, now that I have experienced its terrible meaning.'”