Follow the Money… or the Ideology: Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate Update – On The Remnant Newspaper

The newest attack against the Immaculata – To unseat the traditional property holdings of the 3rd Order Of The FFI

– To pit their obedience to the czars of liberation theology imposed over them against the survival of the Order which was THE most thriving Order in Italy and surrounding territories prior to the animosity against the success of Tradition that arose in the new elements of the Curia in the new Rite of Francis I

“‘Na Roba”, the Franciscans of the Immaculate and the New Chess Move of the Congregation of Religious – Vaticanist Giuseppi Nardi reports from Italy


Even The Reform Of The Reform Is In This Vatican’s Cross-Hairs !

“Heralds of the Gospel”, close to Benedict XVI — they are about to see what Francis’ mercy looks like – On Rorate Caeli

Another order (like the FFI treatment) is set for upstaging by the Francis I Pontificate , only they are not traditionalists but ‘reform of the reform’ novus ordo Catholics , close to the heart of Benedict XVI and everything this Papacy disdains.

Of an important side note

If you are unfamiliar with this ‘reform of the reform’ , they are communities, parishes and Priests interpreting Vatican II’s Sacrosanctum Concilium in a way they believe the fathers of the revolutionary council meant to revise the liturgy…. Ad Orientum novus ordo with Latin in the propers , vernacular readings , Gospels and intercessions but real Catholic hymns and chants and many of the rubrics of the Catholic Mass of the ages , the TLM. In the wars through the past twenty years at the small traditional Catholic colleges , among faculty and parents , several of the colleges like Saint Mary Magdalene, NH (now consolidated into North Eastern, NH) recently about 2 to 3 years ago relinquished the TLM to special events and went with a reform of the reform style of the novus ordo , but with daily Mass as a community still highly recommended to all students . Many of the reform of the reform Priests that also celebrate the TLM in bi-rite communities and Parishes unfortunately take it upon themselves to be the vanguard of marching the two western Rites towards one another (and they are two Rites despite what others maintain). This approach during a TLM high Mass involves the oddities of eliminating many of the rubrics such as sitting during the interval of the Gloria and or the Credo during High Mass , eliminating one or more of the Confiteors forgoing the Roman and or Gregorian vestments for the N.O. ‘movin & groovy’ 1960s vestments that appear more fitting in a Woodstock documentary. It goes further still such as bringing the vernacular into hymns and certain readings during the Mass , thereby losing the total universality for visiting non-english speaking people of foreign TLM Parishes and foreign TLM communities (when it is done this way in the US) – So the malaise within the malaise continues with the exception of Ecclesia Dei & it’s communities remaining insular from infiltration by the new Rome , for how long though no one knows. Many of our traditional family friends would contest this as well and get into the hair splitting of things like , external solemnities celebrated on off Feast Day Sundays , the Jewish prayers of conversion for the “perfidious Jewish” – the abolishment of the Good Friday Mass of the pre-sanctified & some of the more orthodox & valid attempts to restore that Liturgy to the Liturgical books of 1955 and on and on. Reference to the last point in more detail and tradition can be found here –à Abolishing the Mass of the Pre-Sanctified- Dialogue Mass 52 – By Dr. Carol Byrne – On TIA


But Liturgical Reform Is Evident Everywhere And Growing In Stature , Academia, and among the next generation.

Developing a Canon and Schema of Liturgical Art for the Churches of the Roman Rite (Part 2) – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Ep. 41 – Peter Kwasniewski on Liturgical Reform – Interview And Recommended Reading Related Links – On OnePeterFive


Then we have the Neo-Catechumens which is another Catholic-protestant off shoot of the Charismatic Renewal which came out of protestantism itself and continues to associate with much of the practices of protestantism and liturgical ecumenism and with representatives and events of multiple false religions.

Bishop of Lancaster restricts Neocatechumenal Way Liturgy |

Catholic Charismatics or otherwise known as pentecostal Catholics through the lens of the Remnant And The Pope

The Remnant Newspaper – Pope to Lead Catholics/Protestants in Anniversary Celebration of Charismatic Renewal The Pope’s  fulsome praise raises serious concerns among faithful Catholics, especially in light of a recently published report concerning his long-time affiliation with Masonic Grand Master Licio Gelli who headed the infamous P2 Lodge in Italy.  Pope Francis celebrates Pentecost vigil with charismatics |

The Pope Speaks, But Do His Actions Follow? – OnePeterFive

Most of the apologetics and in-depth research on the Charismatic Renewal and the collections of 1st hand witnesses and participants in it for many years was done by the late Fatima apologist and traditional Catholic – John Vennari and as seen in the following links and resources , including the well researched pieces by TIA and others

Close-Ups of the Charismatic Movement by John Vennari – Book review by Marian Horvat

Traditional/Conservative Catholic Analysis and Condemnation of the Charismatic Movement – YouTube

The Charismatic Movement—Renewal or Apostasy? – Catholic or Something Else?

From Pentecostalism to Apostasy   by John Vennari


And then we have still today the faithful Catholics that fight for the same morality, virtues , tradition, liturgy , equally today as in the days of antiquity

The Five Thousand That Gave Their Lives For The Latin Mass by Anne B. Gardiner – On The Journal Of Catholic Tradition And Liturgy on the link —>

The Five Thousand That Gave Their Lives For The Latin Mass by Anne B. Gardiner


We need a chivalry of the spirit to combat the Revolution in the Reign of Mary – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites