Pentecost pilgrimage of Chartres 2017  – Notre-Dame de Chrétienté – Our Lady of Christendom


Chartres Pilgrimage 2017 – Bande-annonce pélé de Chartres 2017 – YouTube


Photopost Highlights from Day Three of the 2017 Chartres Pilgrimage – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


Notre Dame on Lock Down After Algerian Attacks Policeman With Hammer


Sent in from friends with notes of authenticity are the Prophesies of Marie-Julie_Jahenny

She was a French 3rd Order Franciscan and people of France were warned of the chastisement to come if they continued in their egalitarian movement towards a resurgence of radical liberal paganism. D uring her life, she reported several apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ through which she received prophecies about the coming end of the world, the Great Catholic Monarch, punishment for the sins of the people, the destruction of Paris through civil war, the Three Days of Darkness, and the coming of Antichrist.


What Is Clear Is That The Battle Of Helms Deep – Between The Two Towers –  (aka JR Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings)  Has Begun

The Hornburg Of Helm’s Deep – Wikipedia

Lord of The Rings – Battle of Helms Deep – Opening –On  YouTube


From our cultural and liturgy section


“For Pope Benedict XVI, On His Ninetieth Birthday” by The Liturgist Martin Mosebach – On The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny


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French Catholic Painting Of The Quiet Landscape Prior To The Fall

Credits – Macario-Vitalis-untitled