The Errors Of Russia Spread Further Into The United States As , “A Hilary Clinton type law prohibiting free speech is in effect in Wichita, Kansas”

City Prohibits Pro-Life Advocates From Displaying Crosses or Pro-Life Signs Outside Abortion Clinic |


Children Children They’re After The Children – Watch Again The Famous Scene From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The Remnant Newspaper – New French Prez Part of Europe’s Childless Leadership


Abp. Sheen: Our Lady of Fatima Will Convert the Muslims


Our Lady of Fatima and her Secret Message, Nossa Senhora de Fatima, Plinio Correa de Oliveira commentary on the Saint of the Day, May 13


The Candlelight Vigil In Portugal With The Pope On Vatican You Tube

2012.05.12 – Pope Francis in Fatima – Blessing of the candles and recitation of the Rosary –

The Holy Father wears a plain White overcoat before hundreds of thousands on the Centenary of , the 1st , Fatima Apparition of one of the most important events in modern times ?!

My goodness ….how could the Holy Father not wear the red ermine – What statement of Truth would be made for the Pope to appear as who he is , the Supreme Pontiff – wear a grand Tiarra , red shoes , jewels of the See of Peter , be carried in the Sede by officers of the Swiss Guard and declare to a watching searching world the infallible dogma that outside the Holy Roman Catholic Church there is no salvation –

How many conversions of children and young adults would occur – to those just waiting for someone to declare three is something solid and not negotiable but guaranteed – the annihilation of the children en masse would begin to reverse course . How can this not be seen by the 50s -70s movin groovy generation now our elders ?!


Call upon the Reign of Our Lady as we remember how strongly we serve Her Son

Vigilance, principal characteristic of the combative spirit in the Reign of Mary – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites