Traditional Catholic News On The Pope In Egypt & Islam – The Malta Order Narrative Continues To Devolve & Escalate

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Pope Francis on the eve of his visit to Egypt last night proclaimed that the world is not doing enough to help immigrant muslims get out of the refugee camps , in various countries, that have become “concentration camps” The Jewish orgs have issued a formal public complaint against the Pope’s statements  It was reported as such on last night’s edition of the World Over Live With Raymond Arroyo  In this episode of the  World Over Live they had on the heretic commentator Father Drew Christensen, the radical liberal Jesuit Georgetown chair holder, to discuss what the Church and the Pope’s disposition towards Islam and muslims should be

I urge everyone to watch it as soon as it comes up on EWTN – Last night’s show is not yet posted on their on-demand feed on either their direct internet channel or their you-tube feed but check back again (this evening or tomorrow ) and I am sure they’ll post it The World Over | Eternal Word Television Network, Global Catholic Network  This man Father Drew Christensen spewed so many formal heresies , on the islamic subject, that violate authentic Catholic teaching, in a 15 minute span that even someone with a counter clicker device would have lost count.

It was nauseating to watch Raymond Arroyo kowtow to this radicalism. Mr. Arroyo gave one brief challenge quoting Pope Benedict’s position , (that came out of his famous Regensburg address) , reiterating the truth that muhammad established every aspect of that religion with justification of violence and hence the religion’s invalid nature.  Father” Drew “countered with “Pope Benedict in just a year later ,following this address, prayed to the wall of mecca with other muslims and regarded their religion as equally worshiping the same God”  so – Raymond’s snapshot of Pope emeritus, Fr. Drew put forth,  can’t be right. Mr. Arroyo, of course, seemingly acquiesced. In reality Mr. Arroyo is in so deep (financially ) to the EWTN neo-con version of Catholicism, and the use of it as a vehicle for his children books publishing with infomercials embedded within their world news coverage, that there is no hope for it as objective independent catholic journalism. Thank God for St Michaels Media and Church Militant’s TV channel and other such independents as this feed here examples
As Francis heads to Egypt, Benedict reiterates Regensburg – And Proper Catholic Disposition In Reference To Islam

On the side note topic of heretical Priests – They are literally all over the place – Here is yet another outlandish one on yesterday’s news show episode of the Vortex .

Heretical LA Priest | On the Vortex

Back to the topic at hand ….the mainline Catholic coverage will give us the Pope of peace with Islam and the post conciliar syncretistic god thesis.  Pope Francis arrives in Egypt with message of peace |

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Pence “Indonesia’s Tradition Of Moderate Islam, Frankly, Is An Inspiration To The World “Then We Have Reality

And More Reality

The Islamic Abuse Of Children In Indonesia Continues

Female Islamic clerics in Indonesia issue rare child marriage fatwa – BBC News

Then we see the bravery of the Greek Orthodox Bishop, Metropolit Seraphim of Piraeus caused a secular controversy this week when he wrote Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and urged him to convert to Christianity

Christian Leader Calls on Erdogan to Convert or Find Himself in Hell with Mohammad

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Malta Update – Evolving

In yesterday’s strange evolving of the further dismantling of the Malta Order by the Vatican we saw  The Pope Stacks the Deck for the New Election of the Grand Master of the Maltese Order

Now we have

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Treachery Among the Knights of Malta

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The season is changing,  there is a war on in the other realms – Light the fires at the shores of the horizon and prepare for battle