Did Redefintion Of Marriage Begin Within The Catholic Church ? Let’s look further into this whole thing for a royal debunking with facts, shall we

Following the re-ordering of the primary ends of marriage in yesterday’s newsblog links Is The Catholic Church’s Unofficial Re-order Of The Primary Ends Of Marriage – The Hard Link Root Of The Proliferation Of The Culture Of Death Advance Of The Ruins? | TCE | //traditionalcatholicsemerge.com/2017/04/25/is-the-catholic-churchs-unofficial-re_order-of-the-primary-ends-of-marriage-the-hard-link-root-of-the-proliferation-of-the-culture-of-death-advance-of-the-ruins/

Today we explore other elements in the Church that gave the foundational attributes towards marriage definition change

The Tyrannical Dictatorship Of The New Forms Of Egalitarian Capitalist Versions Of Constitutional Republic

Our future and the future determination of the definition of marriage is now in the hands of the few (coincidentally today’s Crisis Journal article) Obergefell and the Apotheosis of Judicial Will – Crisis Magazine


The primary ends of marriage was Traditionally taught throughout pre-conciliar Church history to be procreative but when did that begin to change is the question. When did the unitive aspects become equal and then in todays world even surpass it,  in its false equality paradigm 

It first started with

Gaudium et Spes (“Joy and Hope”), which does not exactly prioritize the unitive aspect of marriage, but states that it is not less important than the procreative aspect, and proceeds to restate this latter aspect:  While not making the other purposes of matrimony of less account, the true practice of conjugal love, and the whole meaning of the family life which results from it, have this aim: that the couple be ready with stout hearts to cooperate with the love of the Creator and the Savior. . . .Married Christians glorify the Creator and strive toward fulfillment in Christ when with a generous human and Christian sense of responsibility they acquit themselves of the duty to procreate.

Lofty sounding to some… optional to others

Then we have Saint John Paul II teachings Muleris Dignitatem ! which is often quoted by the way with the omission of John Paul II’s own declaration of the document as a non doctrinal “personal mediation” It’s written in the first person and contains no “we” as in “The Church” – This style and character of non-definitive reflective challenging thesis teachings would go on to continue to become the style of new Papal teachings as authority becomes further diminished he expressed a reversal of Catholic teaching on Authority in marriage ironically enough within Muleris Dignitatem

The Pope writes “The author in the letter to the Ephesians (St paul) sees no contradiction between an exhortation formulated in this way and the words “Wives be subject to your husbands” and to the Lord – For the husband is the head of the wife Eph 5:21 The author, JPII goes on to say, in this way of thinking is so rooted in the religious customs and traditions of the time , it is really to be understood and carried out in a new way , as a mutual subjection”

Basically its an echo of one of the many heretical thesis that were in float from a dissident Vatican II prelate at the time by the name of Hans Von Balthazar and with this statement calls the whole Sacred Scripture into authority questioning and reinterpretation – It also changed and or attempts to change the authority structure of the Church

As the omitted part of what Saint Paul solidifies in joining the relationship between Christ and the Church – as the Church is subject to the head of the Body symmetrically even to that of head of family subject to him and become One

Subjection St John Paul II conjectures in the same MD encyclical is now no longer one sided but mutual – Cause and effect latter mutated it and had Prelates like Cdl Kasper and other says YES not only marriage but the Church is now sometimes mutually subjected to THE PEOPLE and then they are one

And there you have yet another ‘core error’ at the root that radically differs from infallible Catholicism

Preconciliar Popes following the teachings of Saint Paul taught that the wife was subject to the authority of the husband that the wife was subject to the authority of the husband and must obey him as the Church obeys Christ (assuming the husbands commands are just and moral )

Please compare with Pope Leo XIII Arcanum and Pope Pius XI Casti Connubii which are the echo of the eternal magisterium of the infallible teachings of the Roman Catholic Church compare them for yourself against the non-pastoral teachings of downright heretical  Gaudium et Spes and Muleris Dignitatem and you will find the root of the contradictions and the domino affect of multiplying errors in societal teachings and beyond.


http://www.papalencyclicals.net/Pius11/P11CASTI.HTM or



Is there fake news vs truth ?– It’s everywhere and requires a royal debunking in every corner and always has – I provide the following real world examples of the fallout of just such root causes

We have our org “Engineers and Architects for 9-11 Truth” that continues to maintain a high activity level in NY and beyond, among our peers and academics, from its inception and also what we know as fellow 1st hand material witness until this very day.

Here yet an another former official and investigative researcher with substantial academic credentials

Stand for the Truth: A Government Researcher Speaks Out

There is such a thing as objective Truth and it can be found – It looks for each of us to find

Engineers And Architects For 9-11 Truth http://www.ae911truth.org/


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TIME!!! Coincidence?! – YouTube

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The corollary between what is going on in the establishment Church media (fake news) and the establishment media is hard coded and inextricably linked

Fake News / Fake Church vs. Authentic News And The Authentic Church |On The Vortex|



Pope Pius XI

Pope Leo XXIII


Also to be noted today is the Feast Of Our Lady Of Good Counsel

Although not Proper to the entire United States it was celebrated  in certain Diocese by Diocese recognitions as such – Aside from being in the Propers of the Little Office Of The Blessed Virgin Mary – It is Proper historically to such Dioceses as Brooklyn, as it was also through the preconciliar Church era, through various other US Dicastries as well as large parts of South America.

Our Lady of Good Counsel of Genazzano – American TFP


The Valiant Woman, Petruccia, and the Image of Our Lady of Genazzano by Marian Therese Horvat, Ph.D.


Of note – The article ends with its relationship to St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort and the dogmatic teachings on the reign of Mary at the feet of Jesus our Savior


The images of Genazzano are often represented in the likeness of the miraculous visions and of the ‘likeness of’ the babe still in the womb

A fresco of the apparition of Our Lady of Good Counsel, by Prospero Piatti, 1883, on a back wall of the Church of Genazzano