Procreation: Still the Primary End of Marriage – Crisis Magazine


In-depth analysis: Papal support for UN 2030 Agenda poses immediate threat to lives of children – Voice of the Family

This analysis also that examined  the support offered to the UN agenda by Pope Francis and other representatives of the Holy See.

Contraception and Abortion initiatives that sprang from the reversal of the primary ends of Marriage translating back to approval of contraception & the contraception lead in to abortion (hardcoded)


Malta archbishop open to contraceptive use by married couples? : News Headlines | Catholic Culture

Attempts to make a distinction between chemical contraception and chemical abortifacients that contain a common chemical and the commonality of being produced by the same pharmaceutical companies . This support also violates Thomas Aquinas teachings on secondary (mortal ) sin in support of companies and concerns involved in grave evil


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Democrat Party Chair: No Place for Pro-Life Democrats, Get in Line With Abortion Or Get Out |


So When The Post-Conciliar Church Attempts To Quietly And Unofficially Redefine Marriage This Is The Fall OutLook How Deep The Propaganda Goes – How Masonic The States And Large Cities Governments Are Yet How Moral and Value Centric Large Portions Of The Population Are In Contrast – It’s Impossible Not To See The Intersecting Trajectories

Militant Gays Protest Chick-fil-A at Catholic Duquesne University


Protecting the Family from the Enemy Within –


Of Note – Please Continue Your Prayers For Traditional Friendly Archbishop Ramon Cabrera Arguelles That Was Dismissed in Filippines


In A Positive Sense We See Repeatedly Intersecting, Coordination of Construction, Liturgical Worship Activism, and Education In the Important Parts Of Catholic History

Contemplating The Halting Of The Advancing Ruins In The Shadows Of Our Cathedrals