On this Holy Monday

On the subject of  what happened this weekend in multiple reports we need to be strong and vocally oppose this

The now widely known dissident & homosexual Jesuit author Father James Martin’s new book is filled with blasphemy and heresy about how Catholic Churches – Catholic schools and institutions should not fire known blatantly homosexual persons but reach out to them,  hire them and embrace them as they are and recognize their great gifts that have been missing from the Church and let them be who they are in the Church ?!     Personal Interpretation and protestant philosophy , the fruit of false ecumenism,previously running rampant within the Church is now emitting its poisoned fruit.  The book was endorsed by ALL of Pope Francis  progressive modernist appointments to the hierarchy including Newark Archdiocese Cardinal Tobin. The Cardinal also recently called the four Cardinals seeking orthodox answers to the Dubia “troublesome Cardinals”  but Fr J Martin he called a positive influence ?!

Fr J Martin is touring his post book release with Sister Jeaninie Gramick ! who has been banned by the Curial Prefect of the CDF from speaking and teaching on this subject.     When questioned on this by other prelates Fr J Martin stated that ranking relates (Cardinals and Bishops ) that uphold, what he called the “former” , Catholic teaching on homosexuality are secretly homosexual themselves !!! Francis-appointed Cardinals back Jesuit’s pro-LGBT book | News | LifeSite

We need strong men unafraid to be chivalrous Knights of our Lady to strongly and publicly oppose our Cardinal     We need to make large signs and protest the Cathedral Chrism Mass To participate in Masses that he or this other Church celebrates is, according to the infallible teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, secondary support under the consenting guilt of mortal sin and collaborates with their revolution in the Church and is formal and material heresy . It must be fought !  What is coming out of the hierarchy is incessant and it must be fought !

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