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The evidence is glaring

The new ‘gendarmes’  continue their charge of  leveling the classes, the sexes, the roles, the abero-genders, restructuring of property laws , further discrimination against the flow of hereditary property and the maintaining of patriarchal families . into the amorphous, the androgynous, and the liberation theology , post-masonic ideological future.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             To complete this they wish to make distinctions eradicated,  distinctions between children and adults , between  doctrine , dogma , and social justice , erased. Even in clothing and behavior to be dissolved into the mobs of lewdness with music coming from a constant drone of machines rather than heavenly instruments. Most of all they seek to complete the fulfillment  of the freemasonic matra of the grand orient ‘to make all religions and gods equal’ – The state and religion forced to separate , whence it was Catholic , but now in post of the west’s multi century separation it is slowly being rejoined on their own terms in the image and likeness of their essence of fallen creation, with  the rights of men above the rights of God . Behold,  the religion of the state

They first succeeded in bringing an indifference to the distinctions between the various protestant doctrines and denominations – You see all over the country the signs of the denominations coming down off of ‘former’ establishment protestant denomination churches , in a fast pace, and the personal community – non denominational Churches everywhere – to whose survival seems to be a highly unlikely generational feat -take their place like an overnight change in a  science fiction movie. Now it escalates to ecumenism between Christianity and non-Christian religions – something the Holy Bible and Sacred Tradition repeatedly and expressly forbids . We see the errors of the Russian revolution,  having survived in fragments ,continuing to disseminate ( in its varied fragmented forms ) to further propogate the various independent elements of the revolution – Now it is the attack on authentic Catholicism, the traditional family and it comes to us from within the one true Church.

As we enter, simultaneously, the era of the reign of Mary and the chastisement era these radicals  are admittedly coming to the conclusion that “She” possesses co-mediatrix powers along with co-redemption characteristics of a power that comes from God and they increasingly, in every form of life, seek to break the link between her and the people and of her intercessory relationship between us and  the Son of God and between the  Son of God and God the Father – As we see glorified in liberal unitarianism , and cult like adventists  and christ denying mohammedanists multiplying like drones and supported by state laws, as well as changing property and tax codes

From beyond the lands of the amalakites and the cananites comes the armies of soldiers of the antichrist lined up before those who serve Her Son

Orc armies close in to end the age of man

Rohan charge In the Battle Of Pelennor Fields

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The Armies Of The Devout Behind The Mother Fatima