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We believe it to be common knowledge that under no circumstances can or will our children be subjected to public/state schools – The percentage being lost to the Faith and the traditions of the family is a near 85% rate  while the Diocesan Catholic Schools alarmingly nearing 60% + (among the ones that remain open that is, among the swath of closings. 40% + of all Catholic Schools since Vatican II are closed sold off or repurposed ) Also there are very few of those remaining that have not fallen to Common Core or other elements of anti-Catholic curricula

 ‘Devastating critique’ of Common Core in Catholic education | News | LifeSite

At the college level


Christian student suspended after challenging Muslim prof’s claim that Jesus wasn’t crucified – The College Fix


How About At Catholic Universities Is It Any Better ?!

Catholic University of Louvain: abortion a ‘fundamental right’ –

They didn’t declare or post that officially you say ?! look again – unbelievable – -Bishops response = the sound of the crickets -On RORATE CÆLI


The remaining authentic (traditional) Catholic Colleges, i.e. St Thomas Aquinas NH – + with the former St Mary Magdalene NH – St Thomas Aquinas – California – , Wyoming Catholic in Wyoming , Christendom in Front Royal, Virginia and Ave Maria in Florida…..Besides 2 or 3 more potential candidates there is not much left – EVERYTHING has been infiltrated and we mean everything is teaching some significant percentages of heresies and apostasy including ALL the US Diocesan Seminaries

This is now common knowledge not just in Traditional Rite Catholic circles but since the onset of this Pontificate , as the average Catholic began investigating the depth of the crisis , the dissemination of the Truth is nearing the majority of 55% of Catholic households – There is objective Truth and people are searching towards it – For the still extant Church within the Church exists although on a smaller scale but people are surprised to find it networked , faithful , flourishing and (most of all ) growing.


Vatican bishop: ‘We don’t know exactly’ what the Church teaches on procreation; ‘education’ will help women have one kid instead of seven | News | LifeSite


‘The Cross and the Light’ — Feelings-Based Catholic Evangelism Sweeping Parishes – With Zero Education


***The Beginnings Of Some Answers ***


The Primary Educators Of Children, In the Primacy, (That Must Always Be Defended,) Is The Parents And NOT The State !

Always Too Little, Too Late: The Plight of Modern Education


Eating Your Children Alive! | Watch This Episode Of The Vortex |

“Church Militant has been saying for our 11 years of existence that the problem in the world is Protestantism and that too many Catholic leaders are little else than Protestants in Catholic robes who no longer believe the Catholic faith. That truism is more and more evident every passing day. We’ll forgo the enormous list of examples in liturgy, morality, the sacraments, obfuscation of teaching and so forth — so we can get to the main point of this episode.’

‘If you are a Catholic parent, you need to understand the horrific reality that there is a diabolical culture out there waiting to eat your children alive and grind them to death'”


Resistance to Graphic Sex Education in Omaha – By Max Douglas on CMTV


A Faithful Catholic Site For Mothers

Like Mother Like Daughter ~ Because it’s important to maintain the collective memory.


Tradition is for the Young (Part 5) : More from the FSSP’s German Seminary – On Novus Motus Ltiurgicus


***Sex Education Classes Are Forbidden By traditional Magisterial Catholic Teaching*** Pope Pius XI, The Obligation & Right Parents Have to Form their Children

The Medicine of Mercy – New Teachings Lead to de facto Alterations of the Faith by Robert P. Banaugh, Ph.D.


Catholic Homsechooling Resources\


Homeschooling: The Pro-Family Counterrevolution – Watch On YouTube


HSLDA: Homeschooling Advocates since 1983


*** Other Alternatives To Homeschooling (Which Is, Btw, Always The First And Best Primary Choice )***


Also a  relatively new Traditional Catholic Middle School and High School In Chatham NJ is Sedes Sapientiae School ! – Take a look at this alternative

Also Highly Recommended – Traditional Catholic Boarding Schools For Boys

There Is Gregory the Great Academy– Scranton PA


St Louis de Montfort Academy , Herndon , PA


To be continued****

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