Background  1. The Philosophy Of How Opposition To Truth Takes Hold – By Prof Of Philosophy -DQ McInerny PhD

The Philosophy Of How Opposition To Truth Takes Hold – By Prof Of Philosophy -DQ_McInernyPhD

2.  The Catholic Episcopate In The Revamping Revolution Of Francis 1 – Rome Correspondent To TLM Magazine – Alessandro Zangrando (Including Cardinal Tobin Of Newark NJ Having Been Expelled From The Roman Curia In 2012 For Supporting The Progressivist Power Elements Of The US Catholic Church) The Catholic Episcopate In The Revamping Revolution Of Francis 1 – Rome Correspondent To TLM Magazine – Alessandro Zangrando _________________________________________________________________ Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke Tours Parts Of The US Concludes His Visit With A Standing Room Only Pontifical Solemn High Mass At Saint Mary’s In Greenwich Conn. Where I Witnessed People Being Refused Entrance When It  Surpassed The Standing Room Only Capacity Of The Church – A Holy Cardinal Unafraid To Speak Unabridged Clear Truth

Cardinal Burke Not Standing Down – On The Remnant Newspaper

Cardinal Burke: If Pope won’t answer dubia, ‘we simply will have to correct the situation’ | News | LifeSite Cardinal Burke: Vatican hosting pro-abort population control activist was ‘simply a scandal’ Cdl Burke was speaking on Friday to a standing room only crowd at St. Raymond of Peñafort In Springfield VA| News | LifeSite _________________________________________________________________

The Bishops

“Working on Trump’s border wall would be treason”, the Mexican Catholic Church tells companies In A Radical Liberal Revolt|

No One Is Saying That ALL Bishops Are Radical Liberal Revolutionaries Here In A Recent Rare Photograph From This Past Weekend –  A Catholic Bishop Is Pictured ! At This Prayer Rally At An Abortion Mill Prayer Vigil With The FFRs   – 251 Babies Saved From Abortion So Far During 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign | _________________________________________________________________

Our Holy Father, Amid The Progressive Camp Of The Church He Leads, Is Still Our Pope No Matter How Bad Or Rebellious He Is Or Further Becomes – Sedevaticanism is NEVER a valid option even as the self imposed auto-demolition of our Royal Sees proceeds

_________________________________________________________________ Pope tells European leaders: solidarity will overcome populism, ‘fruit of egotism’ : News Headlines | Catholic Culture _________________________________________________________________

A Photo Tutorial Of Royal Papal Transportation Decline – Paralleling the Decline Of The Royal Aspects Of The Faith Of The Hierarchy The end of pomp in papal transportation _________________________________________________________________ Pope Francis grimaces at the gift of a Jeweled Papal Tiara By An Oriental Orthodox Delegate

However When Our Pope Francis Dons A Balloon Tiara He Did So Without Issue


We Have To Study Hard The Catholic Philosophies And Theologies Of Truth Against The Backdrop Of How We Got Here To This Stage In The Church _________________________________________________________________ From The Book Recommendations Section

The Great Façade: The Regime of Novelty in the Catholic Church from Vatican II to the Francis Revolution -By Christopher A. Ferrara -On Amazon Books _________________________________________________________________

In A More Authentic Visible Royalty King Harald celebrates 25 years – On Royalty Magazine _________________________________________________________________ March 27 – Royal Simplicity – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites _________________________________________________________________ Something To Think About On Fatima & The Papacy Are Fatima Prophesies Of The Private Revelations Of Jacinta – Not About Pope Francis But About The Pope That Will Come After Him And Attempt To Right The Ship Of The Mother Church To Orthodoxy ?!? | ANF Articles

Hard to understand otherwise what is going on in our day except a fulfillment of the prophesy of Saint Paul concerning the apostates of the last times: God himself he says will send them a power of incoherence so that they believe in the lie. 2 Thes 2:10 – What chastisement more terrible than a hierarchy that has lost its direction! If we can believe Sister Lucia on this part , that is what our Lady predicted in the third part of Fatima : the Church and it’s hierarchy will undergo a ” diabolical disorientation ” A liturgical dethronement of the Feast of the Kingship of Christ – redefined to an interior only personal interpretation and pushed to the very end of the Liturgical cycle in the post conciliar liturgy. And still according to Sister Lucy , this crisis corresponds to what the Apocalypse tells of us the combat of the Woman against the Dragaon . The Most Holy Virgin assures us that at the end of her struggle “her Immaculate Heart will triumph”


A Perfect Look Upon The Church On This Photograph’s 100th Anniversary Jacinta 2017 ~ public domain ~no credit tag lines ~