Neocatechumenal Way In Guam Is Directed To End Their Heresies And Liturgical Abuses Archbishop-Coadjutor Michael Byrnes Formerly of Detroit Who Had Been Made An Apsotolic Nuncio Of Sorts To Guam

Demands an End to Liturgical Abuse — Deadline: Two Weeks – On EP

The Archbishop urged all parts of his archdiocese to comply with liturgical regulations for the celebration of Holy Mass. Specifically, his reservations are directed against the Neocatechumenal Way. The charismatic group, counted among the “New Communities,” was asked by the Archbishop to suspend the formation of new groups for a year and to celebrate the Mass according to the General Instructions.

Here is the same story on Pacific NewsAcB Byrnes of Guam is the first of what is supposedly several international regions that will begin to reform these communities from heterodoxy and to return to authentic Catholicism as reported in various traditional news blogs.

Byrnes sets norms for Mass, puts hold on new Way communities – On Pacific News


To help these people we need to encourage them to visit the other authentic ancient Rites of the Catholic Church and study not only reasons behind General Instructions of their Missals but the doctrinal understandings and the Thomistic Philosophy of why they are insisted upon in Catholicism – These key points are lost on neo-Catholic protestantized liturgies and their teachings

Returning to the source of the deviations can be found by visiting for instance a Dominican Rite Mass

Here is a grand opportunity to invite others to do so on April 5th @ St Vincent Ferrer

Dominican Rite Mass in NYC for the Feast of St Vincent Ferrer