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The Revolution Is Now Inside The Church As Well As The Culture

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Interestingly enough even the theologians of the remaining elements of conservative liturgical protestantism understand the revolutionary architects designs, and on whose shoulders they stand. They also understand that its mother, the French Revolution as well as its  pre and post era, ALSO INCLUDED THEM in the cross hairs+

Architects of Revolution: How did we get here?

“The rallying cry of Voltaire during the French Revolution was ‘crush the infamy’ – by which he meant the Christian church and the moral order it stood for. The sexual revolutionaries of the twentieth century find the root of their revolutionary spirit in the self-creating illusions of Marxism, with its visceral hatred of both God and the family. As Marx keenly observed, “The secret to the Holy Family is the earthly family. To make the former disappear, the latter must be destroyed, in theory and in practice.”[2]



With the revolution having permeated the 2nd tier,  freedoms and the rights of God begin to disappear on college campuses nationwide

University presidents nationwide refuse to sign ‘Intellectual Freedom Commitment’ – On The College Fix



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Historical Intervention against a disastrous Pope: when Emperor Otto the Great saved the Church – By James Bogle On Rorate



News Of A Further Confirmation That Third Secret Of Fatima Has An Unpublished Portion 

The Vatican is not going to reveal something that says their hierarchy has been, and continues to be, infiltrated.

A Further Confirmation of Father Dollinger’s Claim about Cardinal Ratzinger and Fatima – On OnePeterFive



Isaiah 53:11b-12

Through his suffering, my servant shall justify many, and their guilt he shall bear. Therefore I will give him his portion among the great, and he shall divide the spoils  with the mighty, Because he surrendered himself to death and was counted among the wicked; And he shall take away the sins of many and win pardon for their offenses.


March 9 – Incorrupt -Saint Catherine of Bologna – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

A Saint forgotten for yesterday’s March 9th in an interesting piece whereby this devout Catholic had impetus to switch herself and her affiliated devotees from the charisms of the 3rd Order of Saint Augustine to that of the Rule of Saint Clare and the Franciscans  and who was also a painter of beautiful images of the Mother Of God with Jesus Christ our Savior



~Mother Of God & Son Of God Painting By Catherine Bolognaart~

Fatima procession – Living the third secret of Fatima while awaiting what part #2 has in store for humanity