Lenten Embertide Week Is Upon Us – Follow Some Of The Traditional Faith’s Rubrics Along With Us


Quite interestingly, folklore (of our small “t” Catholic traditions of antiquity )  also says that the weather conditions of each of the three days of an Embertide foretells the weather of the next three months, respectively — i.e.:

The weather of: foretells the weather of:
Wednesday of Advent Embertide January
Friday of Advent Embertide February
Saturday of Advent Embertide March
Wednesday of Lenten Embertide April
Friday of Lenten Embertide May
Saturday of Lenten Embertide June
Wednesday of Whit Embertide July
Friday of Whit Embertide August
Saturday of Whit Embertide September
Wednesday of Michaelmas Embertide October
Friday of Michaelmas Embertide November
Saturday of Michaelmas Embertide December


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