Bishop Fellay at the Pope’s guest house of Santa Marta – signed agreements with SSPX expected before Holy Week

The Pope is now helping them close the deal on a former Franciscan neo-Gothic Church near the Lateran Basilica on the Esquiline, one of the seven hills of Rome, that would become the SSPX headquarters and school

Pope Francis ‘helps SSPX in its plans for new headquarters in Rome’ | |

The Society’s Reconciliation Appears Immanent – As Purchases Of Property And The Nuns Of SSPX Appear To Be In On Coordination Efforts Currently In Play In Rome

Society of Saint Pius X “On Their Way Home ” – the Prelature Headquarters to be on Esquiline Hill

Evidence That Something Is Brewing

 “Francis received in audience this morning Abp. Guido Pozzo _ Ecclesia Dei

Restore All Things In Christ

SSPX 3rd Order