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Popes that have condemned Freemasonry And Warned Of It’s Repeated Attempts To Infiltrate The Roman Catholic Church Were Consistent And Frequent All The Way Up Until The Council in the 1960s That Embraced Many Of It’s Philosophies And Ideologies

Worth further investigation are the magisterial teachings of the Roman Catholic Church repeatedly calling for Catholics and the Ecclesial hierarchy to reject the naturalism and radicalism of freemasonry at the constant knock of the doors of the people and the dicastries of the Church

Clement XII in 1738 In his encyclical Emineti

Benedict IV 1751 In his encyclical Providas

Pius VII in 1821  In his encyclical Ecclesiam

Loe XII in 1826 With his Apostolic Constitution QuaGraviora

Traditi Humilitati

Pius VIII in 1829  In his encyclical Traditi

Quo Graviora

Pius IX in 1864 his encyclical Quanta Cura

Quanta Cura

Blessed Pius IX in his allocution of 1865

Pope Pius IX, Allocution “Multiplices Inter Machinationes” (1865)

And the benchmark encyclical of Leo XIII Humanum Genus

Humanum Genus

FBI—Freemasonry – Special Investigation Documentary Of Inside Information On The War Against And Within The Church

“We wish it be your rule first of all to tear away the mask from freemasonry and let it be seen as it really is “Leo XIII

What is it ?

A post Christian gnosticism that morphed into governmental social teachings of militant egalitarianism that broke through the walls of the Catholic Church in the Council of the 1960s . It has infiltrated the teachings of the mainstream Catholic Church in post of the French Revolution into the modern war of the sexual revolution (which they have inverted into a false perverse love) gone militant – It is now at war with the remnant of the traditional and authentic Roman Catholic Church whose faith and traditions are kept alive within hundreds of millions of traditional elite Catholic families that are networked throughout the world

In this upcoming Wednesday’s Feast of The Chair Of St Pater it is a most important Feast which exemplifies the obedience and the allegiance we have to the eternal Rome in the eternal magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church



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