Discovering a Church in Crisis: Vatican II and the Future

From The AOTM ” Argument OF The Month Club” -(Where Intelligent Catholic Men Debate The Truth In An, Unafraid, Open Forum)  An Excellent Archive As The Panelist Christopher Ferrara –Is Put Under Question On Vatican II – – On YouTube

Christopher Ferrara  is , as many know, a traditional lay theologian and President of the American Catholic Lawyers Association – He lays down, in less than 20 minutes, the entire case for maintaining the traditional Catholic Faith in the face of the Vatican declared non-binding teachings of Vatican II and the industrial size wrecking ball it continues to swing

A basic theology book from the realms of accurate Faithful Catholicism answers many of these questions “The widely held mentality that combating error or admonishing a person in error is uncharitable.” Quite the contrary, a true act of charity and an effective pastoral policy should consist in helping people abandon error or sin.” Furthermore it is the duty of the faithful Catholic to educate his or herself and to admonish , when necessary, anyone in public error violating the faith whether they be Priest, Bishop, Cardinal, or Pope. This should be done in a firm yet charitable fashion making no concessions.” Can Magisterial Documents Contain Errors And Can The Catholic Laity Resist “

Another symptom of the post-conciliar Church philosophy & theology is the lack of knowledge of accurate history in so many categoriesIn this excellent example of knowing that the Sacrament of Penance being offered through the Mass and up into the Gospel readings was always uniquely part of the historical Church despite liberal post Conciliar Dioceses that (illegally) attempt to ban the practice

(The Sacrament of Penance During The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass ) Green Light on the Confessional – On Crisis Magazine


The Holy See Press Office Issued The Traditionalist Embargo in the Summer Of 2016 – Seeking to break up what is more visibly growing into a traditional side of the Church and the steady vacating of the Vatican II Church


And now here they come

Pt.1 Contemplative Women Must Change their Lifestyles by Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.

Pt.2  Francis’ Overhaul of Female Contemplative Life by Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.

With it’s initiation in the summer 2016, with this Papal decree from the Holy Office, implementation is currently underway & there is no telling where the liberal inquisition will point its fingers next calling for an investigation into any order suspected of traditional (now-deemed pelagian) Catholicism

With religious left with few places to retreat to in order to remain (traditional) Catholic many are contemplating a move to eastern orders

More To The Point ***In Recent News ***

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But the question must be asked , what is this a reform from ? Was the Church previously in error or these the moves to regularize Vatican II from its increasingly destructive and non obligatory stature to a new quasi -dogma

Up till now every theologian liberal conservative and traditional alike has stated that the Holy Father’s liberalisms are not declared , so far in any place, binding teachings therefore he does not yet meet the criteria of material and formal heretic but could this all be about to change this week.

Why is there an allegiance being plead at this juncture is there imminent schism coming ?

MPORTANT: Francis surrogate to answer the dubia on Amoris Laetitia tomorrow?  On Rorate Caeli

Now we’re all “Pelagians” according to His Holiness who is working overtime to stem the influx into traditional Catholic parishes and orders

Traditional Catholics , the Pope says, are Pelagians !

Pope Francis denounces ‘restorationist’ orders bursting with young people | News | LifeSite

Of the six major errors of Pelagius in the early fifth century as follows, unbeknown to many, the Pope is appealing to #5 below in comparing Jewish law as a way to heaven with traditional Catholics (accusedly) following the letter of the law and liturgy of pre-conciliar Catholicism

This is also an amusing contradiction since their Vatican –II school of thought repeatedly and publicly attempts to interpret the Mosaic covenant as a Covenant that has NOT been abrogated with the New Covenant , (with the abrogation having been stated in multiple infallible Catholic teachings) . Now Jewish people should NO LONGER BE EVANGELIZED TO CONVERT and progressive post conciliar nouvelle theologia gives them a parallel way into heaven – You will see this exemplified from the Pope’s visit to the Roman synagogue where he smiled and shook hands with all of them inside their pagan temple and gave no indication that there was any alarming need to change anything or consider anything different- Why is this pelagianism being redefined from Jewish to traditional Catholics

The errors of Pelagius from the Catholic encyclopedia of New Advent

  1. Even if Adam had not sinned, he would have died.
  2. Adam’s sin harmed only himself, not the human race.
  3. Children just born are in the same state as Adam before his fall.
  4. The whole human race neither dies through Adam’s sin or death, nor rises again through the resurrection of Christ.
  5. The (Mosaic Law) is as good a guide to heaven as the Gospel.
  6. Even before the advent of Christ there were men who were without sin.

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