Continuing On From Our Series – On The Need For Honor, Chivalry, And Royalty In Our Faith // We have a most excellent archive article by Father Brendan O’Brien “ When We Subordinate Our Christian Principals” in focusing on the philosophical ludicrousness of one of the examples in failed Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine’s – ‘I am personally opposed but politically and on behalf of the state I must support’ – which is, sad to state,  the private philosophy of much of the US Bishops and Priests in this day and age. This is not Catholic – The Catholic knows intrinsically that life begins at conception and that the killing of the baby in the womb is infanticide – But we have many that would rather die their Faith than suffer the death of their bodies and their careers.  And as Father O”Brien clearly states at the heart of the insubordination of Principals that continues on to this day in the Revolution within the Church and within our culture.

He begins with Marie Antoinette , in early morning hours of October 16th (also not coincidentally the Feast of the Maternity Thaumaturge Saint Gerard Majella ) It was 1793 and the morning in which they would cut off her head.  She penned the following words “ I die in the Catholic Apostolic and Roman religion that of my Fathers , that in which I was brought up and which I have always professed”   A woman of courage, bravery, chivalry, and unshakeable Faith, in an exercising of the will in order to defend the Truth at all costs. We are in such times once again in an era of heroic Saints to be made –

Father O’Brien in the pdf on the link —>when-we-subordinate-our-christian-principals-by-fr-brandon-obrien 

Background on Marie Antoinette -Found Here On  Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

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