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Bill O’Reilly Interviews President Trump [Full Version][PART 1] On YouTube

The Same Interviewer Bill O’Reilly

New book details Kermit Gosnell’s grisly abortion crimes – This #2 On The Amazon Best Seller Book Is Nowhere On Fake News – NY Times Best Seller List (It Doesn’t Even Appear In The Running Total ) – On YouTube

***This is certainly not to proclaim that Fox News or this gentleman’s News show is the new bastion of conservationism but we saw some clear objectivity there***

In Real News – Also Not Covered By Vatican News – The Iraqi archbishop welcomes Trump order to help religious minorities : News Headlines | Catholic Culture

In Real News – Jamie Glazov Moment: Did Chuck Schumer Cry Over Obama’s Christian Ban? –

In Fake News – CBS poll: Two-thirds of Democrats say Islam and Christianity are equally violent

In The Real Catholic Journals

A Turning Point in the Culture War? – Crisis Magazine

Muslim Immigration or Muslim Invasion? by Atila Sinke Guimaraes

Post–conciliar Catholo religion of ecumenism with non-Christian religions & does it violate even Vatican II and or is it not what is defined as an integral component of the aggressive philosophies of the eastern lodges new world order Pope Francis in Turkey – in Benedict’s Footsteps

Trump Wrestling Control Of Global Economy From The New World Order – YouTube

The Answers

Amsterdam and Akita – Mariology for Everyone | The Coming Chastisement And The Need For Reparation Due To The New World Order’s Sins Against Humanity , Natural Law, And Truth by Mark Miravallle On