Several conflicting sources are reported on the Prefect of The Congregation of The Doctrine Of Faith latest statements on high level Church teachings disputes  ->See below for more details and the relationship to the Feast of the Purification->

One report illustrates that is the four Cardinals and the Dubia that the Prefect is really admonishing   —->

Cardinal Müller Speaks to the Dubia! On EP

While other reports are believing that he has taken the opposing side against pastoral exceptions of adultery that is in line with the collective interpretations of Cdl Schonborn, The Pope, and the German Bishops. This view of the latest stakes that are high in weighing  the potential new personal individual interpretation of every doctrine and  dogma that will follow is found in the concern of many high ranking prelates and theologians . The view that Cardinal Müller is rebuking the supposed new Catholic teaching can be found in contrast in other reputable resources such as Catholic Culture News , Life Site News, and Catholic Herald UK News (references linked below )

However the CDF himself has expressed both positions and has also previously and most recently said that he would never challenge the teaching of the Pope

An excellent resource to get to the bottom of all this can be found here in this highly recommended book that restricts itself to the real authentic and infallible teachings of the Roman Catholic Church

Can Documents of the Magisterium of the Church Contain Errors? Can Catholic Laymen Resist Them?

A Faithful Catholic Book Sponsored By Tradition Family And Property On The Infallible Teachings Of The Roman Catholic Church

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The full book in pdf format if you prefer to read via online However the hardcover edition is much nicer and a valuable quality reference book highly recommended as an addition to your library –>on the link below or to , preferably, purchase the book the link is at the end of the you tube video above


Several other documents of great discord , for instance the Vatican exhortations (and there have been several recent ones) on the promotion of open border immigration and a call to reform any and all restrictions across national and international borders. This radical new teaching that is not found within Catholic teachings is now being loudly echoed by the USCCB- Most brazenly and ilicitly self titling it The Catholic Church’s Position on Immigration Reform

But is this really what the Catholic Church has always held to be true and is it a deviation of Catholic tradition and Catholic social teaching

Find out here

What Does Saint Thomas Say About Immigration? –

What ties it all together is the immolation of the Body of Christ – Is the Body meant to re-walk the Via DelaRosa to the mount of Golgatha and be humiliated and stripped of every nobility and right ? What is certain is that what is needed is a Purification of the Mystical Body of Christ and from this Feast of the Purification forward –

Our Lady of Good Success and Feast of the Purification of Our Lady by Plinio Correa de Oliveira commentary on the Saint of the Day, February 2

Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success About Our Times –


Sword Of Saint Michael - Marian X