French Royalists Commemorate Murder of King Louis XVI With Honor, Requiem, Tradition, Holiness, And Family

Let us remember we are the country of St. Joan of Arc. France at that time, occupied, given up to foreign powers with its basic laws flouted, succeeded in regaining the glorious course of its history, supported by its dynasty and the energy of its inhabitants, establishing itself as the very first European nation for several centuries

The Chivalry And The Honor Of Father Byles In The Last Hour Of The Titantic

Make America’s Elite Great Again!

Donald Trump inauguration: Winston Churchill bust returned to Oval Office

 First of selected extracts from the opera about Mary of Scots, the Catholic Queen, and rival for the English throne to her cousin, Elizabeth I. ‘Mary Stuart’ is excellently acted and sung here in English (with fabulous period costumes!) at the Coliseum (English National Opera).

‘Mary Stuart’ 1 / Donizetti * ROSALIND PLOWRIGHT / JANET BAKER [in English] – On YouTube *Follow The Links Through The Series To Hear & View The Whole Glorious Operatic

 The Virgin Mary was “of the (royal) house of David” – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

 For the Social Reign Of Christ The King


The return of the royal family to Paris on 25 June 1791, coloured copperplate after a drawing of Jean-Louis Prieur ~no credit – public domain~