Even The Knights Of Columbus have bolstered their Traditional oriented ranks and their support for grass roots activism as seen in this one of several amazing articles in their National distributed magazine


Actress Patricia Heaton Will Headline Pro-Life Rally: “We Must Offer Women Hope” Not Abortion | LifeNews.com


Kellyanne Conway to Speak at the 44th Annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. on January 27th


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National Pro-Life Alliance’s push for “The Ultrasound Informed Consent Act” and Watch this short life changing video


Planned Parenthood: Delusional, Propaganda, no matter what | The lowered intellect of the masses are forced to swallow, doublespeak as a non-contradiction | On LifeSite


No one will forget this 2016 Story……

Canadian aborted babies incinerated in Oregon waste-to-energy facility to provide electricity | News | LifeSite


*** We  follow that devolution on the national levels …….

Catholic teachers’ union leader endorses pro-abortion Women’s March protesting Trump | News | LifeSite


The State Of Abortion Report 2016 -(in pdf format on the link below)  A report full of substantiated FACTS including published statistical data from the CDC (Center For Disease Control) courtesy of National Right To Life

Link —> stateofabortion2016

***And we follow that devolution on the state levels in NY as ……….

 New York State Assembly Backs Free Birth Control With Every Tax Payer And religious order having to contribute to sustain the culture of death in order to kill off Christendom at a faster more efficient rate


***But where do we go from here***

As a post inauguration pro-life generation eager to jettison the culture of death the previous generation ushered in with music, books, laws, fake news, inauthentic liturgy, pop-music for worship and on and on

Poll: 80% of Americans Want Supreme Court Justice Who Views Constitution Just Like Antonin Scalia | LifeNews.com


Please print and share this resource at your prayer vigils at Abortion Mills – Security guards – receptionists – nurses assistants- anyone that works there We’ll help you get other better work and we’ll pray with you

  Abortion Worker (“The cry from Rama And then there were none”)


It Starts With The Workers – YouTube


The 5th Annual Nellie Gray Mass Will Be Offered Friday At Saint Mary Mother Of God in Washington DC At The Close Of The March (where hundreds of thousands are expected ) January 27 – OnePeterFive


Law and Conscience – Om Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites http://www.nobility.org/2016/11/10/law-and-conscience/

Pius XII

It is impossible to observe with attention the universe, corporeal and spiritual, physical and moral, without being struck with admiration at the sight of the order and harmony that reign throughout all the various grades in the scale of being.


Taking back Christendom one piece at a time

The View Of Jílové-by-Ferdinand-Lepie