Thirty cardinals ‘raised concerns’ about Amoris Laetitia draft –

The 4 Cardinals Become 40 – Card. Burke’s interview in ‘La Verità”: More Cardinals are completely with the Four

***Missing DISTINCTIONS  a prior trademark of Catholic hierarchy***

With The Only Clear Distinctions Remaining Visible Are Those OF Twoism, As Seen Most Prevalently Here – The Two Catholic Religions In Florida- Priests for Life Banned From Orlando Diocese

But then In the Catholic Anglican Ordinate

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The new pseudo philosophy behind the new Catholicism . Natural law and philosophy of non-contradiction is discussed and declared by Vatican officials in their claim that Truth is no longer immutable nor absolute

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The dissident O’Malley cat is appointed to 2nd in command of the CDF of the Catholic Church

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Pope Francis I is having Globalist and Population Bomb author/speaker into the Vatican, someone that has advocated for abortion as god’s method to save the planet for decades

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