Silence: The surrender in sacrifice – – Catholic Charismatic Renewal- UK ‘s heretical endorsement of this movie, that lauds the film with “Inspiring displays of courage are a beautiful and truthful rendering of this profound novel”. And even recommends a venue selection site.  This is pure rubbish.

In the face of his trials, he finds God is silent to his entreaties, hence the film’s title. Finally, Christ Himself supposedly breaks the silence by interiorly telling the priest that he might outwardly deny the Faith by trampling upon His image to save his flock ! Outrageous – Blasphemy upon all of our ancestors of holy martyrdom.

As usual Scorsese creates a character invention of a Christ that is not Christ as he does in all his movies – amending the Truth to suit the times and the environment with whatever they wish to make up today

Catholic Charismatic Renewal- UK ‘s

Scorsese was responsible (as some will never forget)  for making a cult classic in Mediterranean Italian and Italian American circles of the godfather movies – This is the first time the subject idea was first breached of dissidents to the Catholic Faith not only retaining the outer exterior of the Catholic culture but while not only practicing something different from authentic Catholicism, which is the Charismatic linkage , but diametrically opposite from it by synchronizing each family Sacrament event with a major murderous re-org of the hierarchy of the five major crime families that once had a stake in the majority of the businesses in the tri-state area

“The God of Silence The final false premise comes from a naturalistic understanding of the world in which people do not grasp how God works in souls. Such a combination leads to absurd characterizations like that of “Silence.” Martyrdom cannot be based on emotion or feeling since it involves surrendering man’s greatest natural gift—life. Such a combination leads to absurd characterizations like that of “Silence.” Martyrdom cannot be based on emotion or feeling since it involves surrendering man’s greatest natural gift—life.”  John Horvat II- TFP

It is this that not only aligns the Charismatic Catholic philosophy of the approval of such flawed paradigm but aligns it to an embracing Pontificate oriented towards radical liberal reforms.

From the beginning of the Pontificate you could see alignment of LIBERAL reforms of the Catholic Church that runs as opposed to the reforms to Orthodoxy within the Roman Catholic Church

Substantiating the long held belief that the Catholic Charismatic RENEWAL ?! is a renewal of a protestantization of the Catholic Church within which was an implementation ministry of protestant-catholics in their version of Vatican II and specifically in the areas where more roles reserved exclusively to the priesthood are subsumed by the (mostly female) laity

Is the Pope a charismatic?

As I have witnessed first-hand, although the people in the CCR movement (that remained) are some of the most friendly, volunteer minded, scripture studying, prayerful people (as a whole) than you can imagine – this type of renewal has spawned more conversions to protestantism than any other movement WITHIN the Catholic Church to date – This is a documented fact .

By their fruit you will know them . Is a reference to long term generational fruit of a tree – even the Lord gave the tree another year and then he had cut it down – as we read in Scripture elsewhere.

Matt 7:18-20A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit, shall be cut down, and shall be cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them.

What the Church needs is Restoration – – restoration of the intellect – restoration of tradition – restoration of sacred music – and overall a restoration of authentic Catholicism

If our Pope continues to attempt to drive the Roman Catholic Church further into heterodoxy what will the CCR do ? They will follow HIM because he attempts to subsume their ideology of what the Church should look like, and his vision with more Rites/versions  and customs than the United Nations. But this is Papolotry. Authentic obedience is never to any one Pope or series (era) of Popes but to the See of Peter – The Office of the Pope and the Eternal Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church – in what was always held to be true through the majority of centuries – reaffirmed by early Church Fathers, magisterial teachings over the centuries, and the writings and teachings of the Doctor- Saints of the Church -over the centuries. This is what obedience in Catholicism refers – and to which its infallibility derives from He who established it as the one true Church.

There has been no infallible teachings of the Catholic Church during or in post of Vatican –II – The last infallible declaration of the Church that became no longer an optional belief, despite the many centuries it was previously taught, is the Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven 1954 – Optional belief is the Mother of God being taken up while still alive, like Elijah and his Chariot, or taken up while passing away. In the same way that pious belief in a living assumption , that held by the orientation and charisms of the Franciscan Mariology schools, is not the part of it that is binding upon Catholics neither is anything that came through the non-doctrinal Pastoral Council of Vatican-II.

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Does Pope Francis I endorse the blasphemies of Scorsese?

Unbeknownst to us, and just prior to compiling this apologetics news blog on the movie Silence , we learned of the CMTV (Church Militant TV) piece on their Premium Channel daily show ‘The Download’ in having devoted a whole panel episode to this issue.

Through this source Silence | The Download – (aired live January 16, 2017 ) and several other sources we learned some additional facts. The lead Priest was played by controversial effeminate actor Andrew Garfield.  The movie  was condemned for it’s apsostasy in placing earthly lives ahead of one’s immortal soul. It also condemned the viewing in Rome to the Jesuits , whose standing ovation gave substantiation of the new neo-Jesuitism religion that has come to power within the Catholic Church. Their new ideology is situational ethics becomes a defacto replacement of Catholic dogma – and pastoral interpretation trumps doctrinal interpretation. ‘For he will be denied heaven’, see Matthew 10:33 32 Every one therefore that shall confess me before men, I will also confess him before my Father who is in heaven. 33B ut he that shall deny me before men, I will also deny him before my Father who is in heaven.||   Pro-homosexual Jesuit publisher and editor Father James Martin was a consultant on the film and just recently defended the apostasy with further blasphemousness and making formal the case put forth in orthodox Catholic circles that there is now two Churches within the Catholic Church.

How can this have happened? – For this one – we look to the apparitions of Our Lady Of Garabandal for more answers

Mystics of the Church: Garabandal Apparitions and the Great Miracle