It will be recorded in children’s history books that the implementation of the papal heterodox policies that kicked off heresy & schism in the Church began in Malta

In the so called official newspaper of the Vatican, L’Osservatore Romano, which on an almost regular basis publishes heterodox deviations from Catholicism, today endorsed the practice of Adultery in Malta and a new dissident Bishops document of personal interpretation for each person from same

Formerly termed in the post WW-II era , Malta the unsinkable aircraft carrier . ( formally , morally, liturgically , ect )

Malta Sinks

Cdl. Carlo Caffarra: “Only a blind man can deny that there’s now in the Church great confusion, uncertainty and insecurity”

It is very very hard to believe that people that follow this teaching will have any chance of purgatory – It’s the prince of this world playing with mortal sin and dangling it like a carrot

It’s the fulfillment of Fatima ( the last great battle will be fought from within over the families ) in the infiltration of the Church prophesied by Our Lady of La Salette

Portrayed in this sacred art statue carved of OL of La Salette ..crying at the outrageous offenses to her Immaculate Heart and the re- immolation of the Body of Christ by our own