How one can one  disagree with the Pope in a respectful and well-founded manner, exercising a legitimate moral and principled resistance

Pope Francis’ Pressure on Colombia, and Legitimate Resistance – On TFP

On one of the few remaining shows on EWTN that has any notable faithful Catholic content is Raymond Arroyo’s World Over Live Show

This is despite EWTN’s protestant majority controlled board and neo-Catholic heterodox content in post of its take over from the days Mother Angelica ran the station with a firm hand

Even the Journey Home – One of their formerly prized weekly anchor shows that features conversion to Catholicism interview witnesses  (primarily from protestantism but also from other religions )  was recently taken off prime time and had its weekly show moved to mid day weekdays.Fortunately the regular weekly shows are available on their site – streaming /on demand. (Although there has been complaints in Traditional Catholic circles even about this show, in that Marcus Grodi, himself a convert, never corrects any interviewee’s erred doctrinal, scriptural, or catechetical errors.)

Of worthy note is last Thursday’s World Over Live – At about the halfway mark – He has a video conference with guests Father Gerard Murray – prestigious Canon Lawyer NYC , Robert Royal – Editor of The Catholic Thing, and Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke on They discuss the troubling actions and behavior of the Pope , the climate of fear in the Vatican , as the liberal reform moves through and the uncertainty of where Pope Francis is taking the ChurchCdl Bradtmueller commented that anyone that says that a divorced and remarried person or persons can licitly receive the Holy Eucharist is calling for schism”

While I  should probably ask for forgiveness in the Sacrament Of Penance that we all jumped to the conclusion that our  Pope was spear-heading the investigation on the Order Of Malta because he wished to defend the leader of the Maltese from expulsion amidst this Order’s errors in its birth control collaboration program. I find it hard to believe that he is furthering the investigation from a defense of Catholic teachings standpoint

The Order of Malta was an Order that always fought against the gnostic (mason) ideologies Whether the new public argument that his goal is to purge Malta of its freemasonry, is a subterfuge diversion or not, time will tell us shortly and publicly which one it is. Meanwhile the Pope has a right to his investigation …..aka “Vatican: investigation of Knights of Malta is legitimate : News Headlines | Catholic Culture”

The truth of the matter is that the Order of Malta is deep into Myanmar and making a corporate business of the “treatment” of the massive spread of Aids due to the Church no longer fighting Sodomy rights laws. Knights of Malta Charity, Malteser International, Distributed and Promoted Contraception – YouTube

Our Pope, in this apologetics polemicist’s less than humble prism view, is looking at the corruption as an opportunity to raise a red flag over the head of Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke BEFORE the Cardinal issues his Dubia correction of the errors of the AL encyclical. This so the Pope can discredit him and be able to say  “Ah ha ! how could you have let this widespread corruption go on within an Order I specifically charged you with the leadership of’ …..”I’m shocked to find out that there is gambling going on in this casino” ….to borrow the line from the famous Casablanca movie

See the hardcore evidence from Michael Hichborn

Time will tell which one it is …if not maybe both are true Pentin: Pope Tasked Cardinal Burke to Root Out Masons in Order of Malta – On EP

From a more polemical viewpoint on the crisis unfolding within the Vatican

Partly in the daylight and partly in the darkness the liberal reform of the Curia – and who the fired players really are

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Then in breaking news from Pope Francis I’s last homiletic yet again derides defenders of Church teaching as not like Christ  | LifeSite The Very Real Climate Of Fear In The Vatican  | LifeSite

Let us look to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary The time honored advocate of both ours and the Papacy – Let us ask her to intercede to the feet of the Lord for his conversion and to be his co-redemptorix, advocate, and mediatrix of all Graces and that he, our Pope,  comes to understand this dogmatic understanding & need of our Lord’s Graces  through Her from which will flow correction  At the end of every Rosary should be an Our Father, A Hail Mary, and A Glory Be …for his conversion & our emergence from these dark clouds over Rome


Salve Maria

Our Lady Of Mount Carmel