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Is the most insightful Catholic insiders key to Catholic Philosophy

A Short Biography Of Fr. Reginald (Gontran-Marie) Garrigoue-Lagrange  at the end of his classic book ‘ The Essence & Topicality of Thomism ‘


A Poet’s Poet From An Aristotelean View

An Apology for Poetry, Part 2 – Tradition Restored


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The Tragedy of King Lewis the Sixteenth The King is dead; long live the King!

“Acquire this work. Read it well. Teach it to your children. Recite it aloud together with them as the play it was written to be. Use it in your home school as a tool for the rediscovery and preservation of noble diction and high themes in an age of appalling linguistic brutishness. This work belongs on your shelf of classics, somewhere near the works of Shakespeare, as a most unexpected and quite wonderful contemporary revival of a literary tradition that was buried along with Christendom itself.

“Mr. Lane has seemingly come out of nowhere with this immensely impressive achievement. We owe it to him, we owe it to our fellow Catholics, we owe it to the English language, to read, promote and make better known The Tragedy of King Lewis the Sixteenth.”

Review by —Christopher A. Ferrara, Esq, Journalist and President of the American Catholic Lawyers Association, review in The Latin Mass magazine, Winter Issue, 2012


***Quality Faithful Catholic Philosophy teaching moments in overview***

Laying A Sure Foundation

‘Stability Demands Sacrifice’ _The Nativity_ From The Cradle Through Childhood And Into Our Descendant Families  – snap shot from the book “You And Yours- Practical Talks On Home Life “ posted – On Crusade


Aristotle would have found puzzling if not downright scandalous pondering of ‘what does poverty to do with virtue’ ? The teaching moment of the nativity!

The Lesson From The Stable By DQ McInerny Prof. Of Philosophy – FSSP


See this philosophy’s overview as compared to the Aquinas philosophy overview (in brief)

Completely overlooking the neighbor and familial relationships Thomas Hobbes was the post reformation philosopher that was a complete egalitarianism materialist

How Hobbes Separated Government From Virtue – By Father Joseph Levine -On The Return To Order Newsletter Page


Aristotle speaks of what he calls ” To_Kalon “_E.doc – to_kalon.pdf


Is It Time to Restore the Full Psalter to the Liturgy of the Hours? – Community in Mission : On Community in Mission – Msgr Pope

Taking Philosophical issue with continuing our family’s tradition of pray the new Rite’s Divine Office – the liberalisms the new Rite takes and pondering Msgr. Pope’s call to return to the full psalter of the Divine Office and Thomas Aquinas on the difficult verses of rejoicing over the destruction of enemies when our God occasionally delivers full justice and other verses – Aquinas calls another  teaching moment



Another on the censorship of the new Rite Psalter is yet another example of the liturgical reformers going far beyond the mandate of Sacrosanctum Consilium, (the Vatican II constitution on the Liturgy) which spoke only of distributing the Psalms over a period longer than a week. The other is that our separated brethren of the various Orthodox churches continue to use the full text f the Psalter in their Offices, and it is difficult to imagine that they think much of the current Catholic practice in this regard.


The Catholic Philosophy Of The “Divine Comedy” in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale – On Crisis Magazine



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