Alexis de Tocqueville – French Aristocratic scholar whose work was hijacked into the pro-liberal exegesis of pro-egalitarianism.

These errors not withstanding he was a man who knew , in terms of the American experiment, that the evolving politics would remain uniquely intertwined with Catholicism and would require further study and an analysis of impact as to how the evaporating Catholic aristocratic class would politically have long term negative effects upon the people en masse Some may even say historically & interpretatively the other side of the coin of the Alinsky implementation army from our more recent history.

Alexis de Tocqueville’s unilateral vision of America – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

From the Tocqueville lecture series at Notre Dame – A Link to AcB Charles J. Chaput’s Lecture (in pdf) about why Americans cannot abandon the socio-political elements of their religion, but must keep them (like Tocqueville)  firmly in the public square along with their Catholicis.

“Sex, Family, and the Liberty of the Church: Authentic Freedom in Our Emancipated Age”

However in neither socio-religious-politico redux of both the present condition and that of the Tocqueville era & the turbulent times that saw the unseating of Catholic Royalism and Aristocracy as one of several strong defending elements and preservers of authentic Catholicism was it mentioned the key interweaving of the three centuries of struggle with one of Her principal adversaries , the ecclesial freemasonry of the grand lodges and their work to network and propagate the acceptance and the growing of immorality at all levels, as the final means of unseating the mystical body and forcing it into dissolution and of inconsequence.

(But in) 300 Years of Freemasonry in 2017 — Bishop Schneider: On Freemasonry As “the Work of Satan” (Does well to articulate such here) On Eponymous Flower

Where does its relationship to the theological layers beneath all this fight it – from within authentic Catholicism ( Details as follows)

Extraordinary Hours -On The Remnant Newspaper  (How the reopening of the 3rd Secret Of Fatima is uniquely tied to both the consecration of Russia having not be done as stipulated by the Mother of God and how it is interwoven with Vatican II era that saw a turning away from a trajectory of over a hundred years of majesterial teachings in the formation and clarification of what was to be the pronouncement of the Mediatrix of All Graces the 5th Marian Dogma – as it was to usher in the age of Mary that would be the lead-up to the Social Reign of the Kingship of Christ (another defined Catholic dogma) would see mass conversions against the backdrop of the greater chastisement in this the beginning of the end of days- The Fifth Marian Dogma | Vox Populi Mariae Mediatrici Even Saint Mother Teresa joined in our letters with her own letter calling for declaration of Mary our Queen as Co-redemtorix and Mediatrix of all Graces

References -à kolbepublications | Militia Immaculatae — The Knighthood of the Immaculatae Virgin Mary

This Marian Movement Magisterial teachings and that of the Saints and in of its key Saints such as Saint Maximillian Kolbe also saw much persecution from within the Church following the internal revolution of the Council

The Militia Immaculatae was not unaffected – see critical link explaining and more detailed info on same that follows the link below

The focus of the direct battle with the enemy and the intertwined political component battle against masonry was visibly suppressed from the MI

The obedience to the will of the Immaculata in its activism work and its intrinsic relationship to the Divine Will of God was silenced. It can now only be found in the theology studies of same and historical pre-conciliar chronologies and within the remnant of several surviving 2nd and 3rd orders  In the establishment Church . the MI, has had supplanted for them , instead of the apostolate of its core competence of spreading the true faith, the focus now is on activities designed to promote the dignity of the human person (and other similar post-conciliar social justice ideologies)

Meanwhile the masonic ideology of moving the world from ecumenism to syncretism continues its major advances into the institutions of the Church with the majority of her Knights having been disarmed by herself

Its mind boggling for the novitiate to grasp and absorb the mountain of information it takes to master the understanding of the paradigmatic shift ,the sociology of it, the international politics side of it , the degradation of the intellectual, traditional philosophy & scholastic elements , the horrendous impact to the morality worldwide and at its heart was always held to be at its center within the Liturgy and the Liturgical Life of Sacred Tradition AND ONLY IT holds all these elements in delicate balance – In summary if you begin eating bad foods with your main course at every meal – the crippling effects on the body do not take that many years to manifest itself Additional uncontaminated source info can be found here kolbepublications | Militia Immaculatae — The Knighthood of the Immaculatae Virgin Mary

Political evidence of the fruits of what is being discussed can be found in the last three remaining  fully Catholic Countries as the culture of death begins to spread 1) The Philippines, in all forms of the culture of death , as a new acceptable state institution| 1,000 vigilante killings a month in Philippines, missionary reports : News Headlines | Catholic Culture and how 2) Catholic Poland goes on the offensive with the beauty of the Faith  – see the tradition spreading to millions of people in the Polish Catholic video | The Three Kings Procession: A Worldwide Catholic Phenomenon| and 3) Catholic Brazil – Brazil Loses 9 Million Catholics in 2 Years