Where Has The Majesty Of The Truth And Its Defenders Gone And How Might We Rebuild And Redefend Its Walls

The art of the polemic in the intelligent apologetics sessions between men is not just abandoned but in larger part prohibited by post-conciliar female managed rectories It is banned from the agenda and further contributes to the feminization of the Church and the evaporation of the masculine elements of Knights , alter server societies, and male apostolates doing the work of chivalry and inadvertently creating deep seated vocations to the class of the Priesthood

Some snipits of The Evaporation of Truth –by  James Kalb on Crisis Magazine http://www.crisismagazine.com/2017/the-evaporation-of-truth –  (1) “The problem is the spell now cast by unreality, so the most important point is to recognize the problem, take it seriously, and take the first steps toward dealing with it. Once that is done, the spell is broken and we are already half-way to a solution.”

(2) “The majority of the public and much of the Church does not understand the issues – nor our own position well enough to argue for it reasonably, with an understanding of how the world looks to those who disagree. “

The suppression of authentic Catholic Philosophy and the Church giving public witness to the Aquinas and Aristotle teachings being supplanted with secular psychology & philosophy of the Post-Conciliar era has had a serious impact

It saw its age begin to wrap up via the restoration work of Benedict XVI and the beginning of renewal of Traditional Academics and Sacred Tradition . It now has us , in the present Pontificate, entering into the year of unorthodoxy – See (Six Years Ago, Prospects for the ROTR Looked Bright: A Letter from January 2011 –On Novus Motus Liturgicus) http://www.newliturgicalmovement.org/2017/01/six-years-ago-prospects-for-rotr-looked.html#.WG03tH2DOz8  The denial mode in the dicastries and their establishment Catholic media gave rise to the new and strengthening independent Catholic media via the internet that now has a distribution that exceeds establishment Catholic media by the double digit millions – The Bishops that were raised and formed in another era where suppression and augmentation of information was regularly possible as an ordinary course of doing business has been a learning experience, that a people is search of immutable Truth in the electronic age of information enmasse can have ready access to quality verifiable history & information and shall acquire it with or without their guidance

Essentially, through their own actions, the educational and interpretive authority of the Bishophric of the United States has been usurped by Immutable Truth and as the remnant gets the details of the infallible religion of the new covenant out to the generations it was suppressed from , the remnant grows – The neo-Catholic post-conciliar majority now has a serious problem on their hands that they cannot control ……the communication of traditional infallible Catholicism to an era of people that wish to renew its majestic realms and tap into the power of its mysticism.

This strange new quasi Catholic culture has brought to bare one of its own (theologically) , as its Vicar, but an even much more extreme version of same said situation.

“It may be called the year of the great awakening, as more and more faithful Catholics and prelates, Cardinals included, came to a frightening understanding that there is a major problem with the current Pope “ 2016: The year Pope Francis finally showed his hand | News | Lifesitenews https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/2016-the-year-pope-francis-finally-showed-his-hand

We as a Catholic peoples have lost the essence of where the intellect is married to the Faith within our souls and self – and this Essence is the Majesty of our existence in union with the mysticism of the one true religion.  “Majesty and Intellect” are prerequistes to Faith and Theology – How can you come to love what you do not know and how can one come to know what in its immutable essence he or she refuses to own as its own ?!

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