Luciano Pavarotti – Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle | Christmas in Vienna – On You Tube

This famous beloved Italian Christmas Carol that is the echo of the majority of Italian Catholic households (and other nationalities as well ) during this season, was written by Saint Alphonsus Liquori , a Redemptorist, who lived at the same time as Saint Gerard Majella, the patron of the unborn , of expectant mothers and other deep thaumatologies They were surely influenced by each other.  St Gerard from Muro Lucano, Basilicata an Italian province that was part of the kingdom of Naples – The Kingdom of Naples was also the region Saint Alphonsus hailed from where so much traditional Catholic culture , art, and ‘music’ matured in the decades just prior to the American revolution an era they both proliferated in. This song of the bambino is traditionally heard every Christmas at the National Shrine of Saint Gerard Majellla @ Saint Lucys, (In Newark, NJ) a baroque sacred architecture jewel , that peoples have traveled from other countries just to visit and also experience the generations of miracles that have occurred there.

Tu scendi dalle stelle / Lyrics – YouTube

Some other classics with included lyrics, to brush up on our memories of the latin lyrics, as well as hymns from other country’s cultures, lauding the importance of the Christmas Tree and the Manger as follows

Veni Veni Emmanuel – O Come, O Come Emmanuel – Advent Hymn In Christmas

Personent Hodie – On TIA

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum – O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree – German Christmas Carol- OnTIA

A Solis Ortus Cardine – Catholic Christmas Songs -On  YouTube\

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A Charlie Brown Christmas – Christmas Time is Here Song – On YouTube

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O Christmas Tree , O Christmas Tree

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1931 Rockefeller Center’s First Christmas Tree erected by the worker men – heads of traditional families



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