World Reacts to Assassination of Russian Ambassador

The assignation of the Russian Ambassador To Turkey is reminiscent of the WWI incident that marked the overthrow of the Catholics Ruling family of Austria – the overthrow of the Hapsburgs and the last of Catholic Royalism that brought upon World War I – the international re-org of countries – in 1914 that would bring within three years the appearance of the Mother of God on earth with an apparition to 10,000 people that would not forewarn them of a new dawning day but of a setting Fatima sun upon the vast lands in rejection of the True Son of God and  if explicit instructions were not followed that there would come consequences

The martyrdom of the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and his wife produced widespread shock across Europe and the triple alliance that would set the anti-Catholic masonic forces to work and pre-set the stage for WWII-

Franco-Russian Alliance – Wikipedia

ANALYSIS: Will Assassination Of Russian Ambassador To Turkey Spark World War 3?

People forget history easily, the peoples forget that history often repeats itself,  as well as forgetting the elements of prophetic requests that we were headed towards achieving before the Conciliar revolution came upon the Catholic nation. The Reparation for worldwide atrocities and sins committed against the Sacred Heart of Jesus , The Consecration of Russia and the declaration of the Fifth Marian Dogma

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One who would give equivalency of religious indifference to the false gods of islam

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There is also a reason our Lady of Guadalupe came in the image of crushing the Crescent Moon beneath her feet

The Two Guadalupes – Mary and The Crescent Moon – OnePeterFive  In the same way that she is Our Lady of the Expectation, ………..The From This Past Sunday’s Advent Expectation Optional Antiphons,Our Lady of the O, the O Antiphons – December 18 to December 23 – Plinio Correa de Oliveira commentary

While the Jewish follow the lunar (moons) for all of their worship – beneath this moon beneath her feet they began to follow the structures of Christianity both socially and outwardly – In the 1800s Synagogues that mimicked the traditional Catholic Churches architectures designed to participate in a Rite of Sacrifice while surrounded in the beauty of the Sacred

Eldridge St Synagogue After Hour Tour | Untapped Cities –

And then this month of December 2016 on the eve of the heavily significant 100th centenary of Fatima where private revelation prophesized that elements of history would again repeat itself if not corrected we see further signs that have come !

Bad Omen: Blood of St. Januarius Fails to Liquefy-  See story – link below – of the times in history when this occurred , prefaced the coming of Wars or natural disasters. There was also arguing and confusion in Little Italy at St. Januarius Feast , in this past late summer early fall classic.

It saw two cultures at war with one another , the pagan culture surrounding and pressing into the Church of the Most Precious Blood – while the remnant revived traditional Masses of Sacrifice (Event Masses in the Tridentine Rite)

These historical turn of events are we desperately in need of , –> of Order, – of the Exposition of Truth, – of Reparation, – of a return to Tradition, AND veneration of Blessed Karl , a saintly family man of the dethroned royal Austro- Hungarian Catholic empire – a family man father of many, soon to be one day Canonized Blessed Emperor Karl I of Austria and Empress Zita |

Elite families of Catholicism from the lowest socio-economic strata to the highest would feel the ripples of the change in the matrix – where salvation history affecting families begins to become altered in time and space …….

……….to be continued



May the Mediatrix Of Graces shed her light of peace and growing families upon our paths to the feet of the baby King our Savior Jesus Christ