We Start from an excellently pointed archive– The Key To Returning The Grand Designer Of All To His Rightful Throne,  For The Reign Of The Kingship Of Christ

The Return of the Absent Clockmaker – By  John Horvat On Crisis Magazine


Even Italian Society is now upside down as the pagan north begins to press in and pressure egalitarian decision making authority to the personal preferences of Priests by wielding the card of “offending” Only the heavens know as to what date it was when God first began to lose rights on earth  and Truth was asked to begin to fear “offending” It is quite strange when it is thought about in a proper objective context

Italian priest cancels Nativity display to avoid offending people


The Collects of Advent: Who is Being Addressed, and What Difference Does It Make? On Novus Motus Liturgicus

It matters a tremendous amount as to how the Divine Persons of the Blessed Trinity are addressed in prayer – In the most Christological fashion and prior to the Council there was equality in all closing prayers , of masses and most especially the Divine Office of the Liturgy of The Hours

The particular person,  of the Holy Trinity , of primary ‘addressee’ were alternated with equivalency – Now the new Rite prays very much like Protestants do – everything is prayed to God the Father in Jesus name – But was this the way of Catholicism through the millenniums – It was not The prayers rightfully alternated on the person of the Blessed Trinity primarily addressing to  AND THEN in union with the other two persons by name . Many closing prayers of the Breviary are heard today being altered verbally when prayed in congregations or publically to embarrassingly alter to correction so as to not appear the constant duplicate in each Office of everything being prayed to God the Father in Jesus name Lost is the closing prayer We pray all these things to the Holy Ghost in union with Jesus Christ and God the Father or likewise We pray this prayer to Jesus the Son Of God Our Savior in Union with God the Holy Ghost and God the Father – When you look at how many illicit alterations the post conciliar Church has made deviating from the traditional Faith in so short a period of time it becomes not only alarming but agenda revealing

The Collects of Advent: Who is Being Addressed, and What Difference Does It Make? On Novus Motus Liturgicus


Catholic Culture and Tradition On The Rebuild From Around The Loop


The Scarlet and the Black – was a significant movie of Vatican intrigue on the subject –

While it significantly distorted (into its own level of fake news) the official position of Pope Pius XII on the Jewish genocide underway during WWII – It is remarkable first run movie where Gregory Peck plays the activist Irish Priest of Msgr. O’Flaherty – The total accuracy point is that this marked the first appearances into Catholic teachings of the use of personal interpretation and personal opinion that made such great protestantizing inroads during the lead up to and within Vatican II. But as we all know from 2 Peter 1:20 that “There is no personal interpretation of Scripture”- This a great internet rental or used on Amazon purchase appropriate for family viewing over the Christmas Season break (with the exception of a firing squad execution and the roughing up of same said Priests)

Based on J. P. Gallagher’s book The Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican (published in 1967), this movie tells the story of Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty, a real life Irish-born Roman Catholic priest who saved thousands of Jews and escaped Allied POWs in Rome. It was directed by Jerry London.

The Scarlet and the Black – From Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Scarlet_and_the_Black In 1943, the Nazi military occupies Rome. Pope Pius XII played by John Gielgud is approached by General Max Helm and SS Head of Police for Rome Lieutenant Colonel Herbert Kappler (Christopher Plummer). The Colonel expresses concern that escaped Allied prisoners may attempt to seek refuge in the Vatican, and requests permission to paint a white line across St. Peter’s Square in order to mark the extent of Vatican sovereignty. The Pope grants his permission, but when the SS officers leave, he sees out of the window that the white line had already begun to be painted.

Kappler’s main antagonist is Monsignor O’Flaherty (Gregory Peck), an Irish-born Vatican priest who runs an underground organization which provides safe haven and escape to escaped POWs, Jews, and refugees in Rome. O’Flaherty is assisted in this enterprise by others, including locals, clergy and the diplomatic corps. The Nazis attempt to destroy the group, but Kappler is frustrated by O’Flaherty’s successes, due to his cleverness, disguises, and stressing the limits of the Vatican’s neutrality.

A great watch for the Christmas break

Amazon.com: Used Buying Choices: Scarlet & The Black


RORATE CÆLI: You suggest: Devotion to the Infant King, and rebuilding His Shrine in Chicago


Photopost On Traditional † Catholicism: Rorate Masses at Holy Innocents (NYC) — Advent 2016


Immaculate Conception Photopost 2016 – On Novus Motus Liturgicus Includes  Basilique Notre-Dame de Fribourg


The Neapolitan Room Sized Nativity at The National Shrine Of Saint Gerard At St Lucys In Newark NJ ( A Church with 24 X7 Adoration Chapel) is not the only wonderment of the northeast- A vivid eighteenth-century Neapolitan Nativity scene—embellished with a profuse array of diminutive, lifelike attendant figures and silk-robed angels hovering above—adorns the candlelit spruce. Recorded music and lighting ceremonies add to the enjoyment of the holiday display is also a fabulous Baroque style tradition at The Met (The Metropolitan Museum on 5th Ave and Is Worthy Of A Dedicated Visit


December 6 – Good St. Nicholas – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


How did St. Nicholas evolve into Santa Claus and why? – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites