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As pointed out in another news blog

Our Pope is obstinately against many manifest & defined dogmas. The conciliar popes expressed heretical opinions, but pertinacity was not patent. They could have been material heretics, not entirely innocent (invincible ignorance), but ignorant nevertheless, and not pertinaceous. Even St. Robert Bellarmine who favoured the opinion that a pope cannot be a formal heretic, wrote that a pope can be a  material heretic due to ignorance. Such ignorance can even be culpable, but without the obstinate and knowing refusal to believe, there is no pertinacity, which is the form of the sin of heresy.

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From the book of the prophet Isaiah
31:1-3; 32:1-8
The reign of perfect justice

Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help, who depend upon horses;
Who put their trust in chariots because of their number, and in horsemen because of their combined power,
But look not to the Holy One of Israel nor seek the Lord!
Yet he too is wise and will bring disaster; he will not turn from what he has threatened to do.

He will rise up against the house of the wicked and against those who help evildoers.
The Egyptians are men, not God, their horses are flesh, not spirit;
When the Lord stretches forth his hand, the helper shall stumble, the one helped shall fall, and both of them shall perish together.

See, a king will reign justly and princes will rule rightly.
Each of them will be a shelter from the wind, a retreat from the rain.
They will be like streams of water in a dry country, like the shade of a great rock in a parched land.
The eyes of those who see will not be closed; the ears of those who hear will be attentive,
The flighty will become wise and capable, and the stutterers will speak fluently and clearly.

No more will the fool be called noble, nor the trickster be considered honorable.
For the fool speaks foolishly, planning evil in his heart:
How to do wickedness, to speak perversely against the Lord,
To let the hungry go empty and the thirsty be without drink.
And the trickster uses wicked trickery, planning crimes:
How to ruin the poor with lies, and the needy when they plead their case.
But the noble man plans noble things, and by noble things he stands.