Inside the Abortion News inside round-up there are many disturbing facts the majority are not aware of and /or do not have nearly all the facts

13% of the American population is made up of our beautiful Black African America people  Over 1/3 of all abortions performed in the United States each year are targeted upon Black African American people

Abortions increasingly are moving into the area of chemical Abortions via the use of the RU -486 abortifacient made legal in the country by the claim to fame of the Clinton administration that pressured the FDA to advocate and still advocates as a safe and effective way to have an abortion –

These are two poisonous pills that that the woman ingests over a two week period where between 50% and 70% of the woman’s blood is lost in the process

The illicit FDA, the Federal Drug Administration,  whose primary job it is to protect people from potentially harmful drugs is aware that as many as 22% suffer abortion failure, and many of which result in a permanently injured baby.

77% of the cases suffer extreme excessive bleeding

Over 60% have to go to a clinic or hospital anyway to complete the abortion

Planned Parenthood has sold one million of these kits

In 2010 statics that were partially tracking chemical abortions showed 35% of all of the abortions that year were chemical abortions

The newest 2015 statistics show the number to be 42% but professional tracking insists that it is actually now greater than half due to the amount of states that do not yet have legislation to track – ¼ of the states in the U.S. do not have tracking legislation

Rather than tighten the restrictions, the Obama Administration partnered with the FDA to loosen all the restrictions

They are helped by many sectors in the US among  protestantism and Judaism Jewish Groups Oppose Bill to Ban All Abortions After an Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins |

Many Catholics are hitching their wagons to non-orthodox States Right To Life Groups who are not purely Pro-Life and advocate for many of the culture of death issues that plague our peoples Most State Org Right To Life Groups look for victory at 21/22 weeks gestation, an outrage They each send hundreds of thousands of dollars up to lobbying, publicizing, organizing, and making case for the legality of killing an infant at 20 weeks gestation

Most of these states non Catholic majority Right To Life Groups permit contraception and many of which defend contraception. This is despite the fact that the same pharmaceutical company that makes the contraception chemical in “the pill” also makes the drug within the abortifacient

Many people also do not realize that women who are on “the pill” long term have an abortion every 1 and ½ to 2 years and can conceivably have 10 to 15 abortions in a 20 year period (one person!)

And then the world in general does not understand what has happened to women in general in these past almost two generations , why so many women are walking around semi- injured and psychologically destroyed & many without knowing why – it is because their soul and their brain are negatively interacting even while their conscious state is denying it – In Catholic philosophy terms it is within the area of study of the conflicts between reason and will so often written about by the late great Cardinal Pie

Basically these views and movements of these many States Right To Life Groups and the extended populous of these seemingly well-meaning people are in a category known as incrementalists or advocates for incrementalism , such as pain- capable (in the womb ) legislation

These views and movements of these many States Right To Life Groups are completely incompatible with the Perennial teachings of traditional Catholicism. The Doctor of the Church , Saint Thomas Aquinas had many such Core Catholic teachings on the subject, specifically on the prohibition of using a lesser evil to achieve a good , he taught, can never be reconciled.

One such person upholding this same position is one of a Catholic influenced Cleveland Right To Life and its champion, Molly Smith, that believes that Heartbeat Legislation is the only place to start and she has successfully championed it through the State of Ohio even though it now however seems, in breaking news, that the man who was not to become President ( for many obvious reasons) , Govenor Kasich, has just vetoed the bill that hit his desk for signing

Heartbeat detection is 7 weeks ! Still not  far cry from the Truth that life begins at Conception but a clear nationwide message that we are no considering this a HUMAN BEING

They have even been a watch dog on some of the pro-abort doings of the USCCB’s dissident CCHD that has whole Church 2nd collections going to the culture of death

In Ohio Right to Life – the larger State Right To Life group – there is a split with protestants leading it into primary exceptions as they do in many States Right to Life groups, exceptions for rape, incest and any doctor declared issues that potentially threatens the life of the mother This is something to which anyone can claim any of the above as the rights of man at anytime with no regard the dogma of the Kingship of Christ dogma of the Rights of God over the rights of man

They have no interest in fighting invitro fertilization even though, through IF,  a whole host of other baby embryos , each with a soul ! are destroyed.

As the country moves with a new President into a more pro-life orientation please pay careful attention to the life critical details, as we are surrounded by Catholics ushering protestantism into the Church and are completely on board with the many other innovations of the modernists progressives currently in the high ranking majority of our Holy Catholic Church – ……….

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