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Each year, for the feast of St Andrew, the reliquary kept in the crypt of the Duomo of Amalphi is taken out for a long procession though the city, and then returned to the church in a rather remarkable fashion, as seen in these videos.- On YouTube

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For those you know of that are infirm or unable to get out then please inform them of Live Mass .net\ Upcoming Masses posted by Father Fryar

Rorate Masses:

Wednesday, December 7 from Fribourg, Switzerland 6:30 AM Central European Time (GMT +1)

(USA times: ET- 12:30 AM; CT- 11:30 PM Tues.; PT- 9:30 PM Tues.)

Saturday, December 10 from Sarasota, FL, USA (Low Mass) at 6:00 AM Eastern Time (GMT -5)

(12:00 Noon Central European Time; 5:00 AM Central Time (Americas); 3:00 AM Pacific Time)

Wednesday, December 14 from Fribourg, Switzerland 6:30 AM Central European Time (GMT +1)

(USA times: ET- 12:30 AM; CT- 11:30 PM Tues.; PT- 9:30 PM Tues.)

Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Thursday, December 8:

Pontifical High Mass celebrated by His Excellency Bishop Athanasius Schneider

from Fribourg, Switzerland 10:00 AM CET (GMT +1)

(USA times: ET- 4:00 AM; CT- 3:00 AM; PT- 1:00 AM)

High Mass from Sarasota, FL, USA Thursday, December 8, 6:30 PM ET (GMT -5)

High Mass from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico December 8, 7:00 PM CT (GMT -6)

Lightning Strikes Vatican Moments After Pope Benedict Shocks The World With Resignation 02-13-13

On The Christmas greetings to the Members of the Roman Curia and Prelature (December 22, 2005) | BENEDICT XVI

In the first year of his Pontificate

In the year Pope Benedict was elected Cardinal he wrote this Apostolic
Letter while still on his journey of conversion to Tradition in paths that
we ourselves walked and followed

In this letter in which he lived through the excommunication of the SSPX and
the rough treatments of all the remaining traditional elements of the
Catholic Church while being  Pope John Paul II’s right hand man it is almost
as if he is writing the pre-conciliar Church itself a testimony of his new
hermeneutic of continuity

His first major letter it seems was in keeping with his last major actions –

This letter was to stave off the widening divide of the pre-conciliar
Catholic Church and it’s growing numbers against that of the post conciliar
Church and its rapidly declining membership with a semi-complete defense of
the Second Vatican Council

His last major orders of impact (some years after this letter) were , one to
declare that there were never any sanctions against the Tridentine Rite and
to issue a Moto Proprio for its rights in the Church
His second to lift the excommunications of the SSPX Bishops and Priests and
begin the process of reconciling the unity of the both sides of the
Traditional orders

I post this letter of Benedict XVI’s not to point out anything of
philosophical agreement , far to the contrary I believe , most traditional
Catholic theologians and philosophers could easily apologetically debunk
much of our Emeritus Pope’s innovations

The only part I actually agree with is his closing words on changing the
focus to Christmas only fast forward 12 years – He indeed had at least
foreseen the coming divide . Although he could never have imagined that far
left spectrum of the modernist end of the progressives would take possession
of the majority of the hierarchy of the Church – His road from this letter
to conversion to Tradition was witnessed by many of us . He had
prophetically installed a counter balance to his own original theological

Christmas is now at hand. The Lord God did not counter the threats of
history with external power, as we human beings would expect according to
the prospects of our world. His weapon is goodness. He revealed himself as a
child, born in a stable. This is precisely how he counters with his power,
completely different from the destructive powers of violence. In this very
way he saves us. In this very way he shows us what saves.

In these days of Christmas, let us go to meet him full of trust, like the
shepherds, like the Wise Men of the East. Let us ask Mary to lead us to the
Lord. Let us ask him himself to make his face shine upon us. Let us ask him
also to defeat the violence in the world and to make us experience the power
of his goodness. With these sentiments, I warmly impart to you all my
Apostolic Blessing.

 Link to the full text of the letter is below

 Christmas greetings to the Members of the Roman Curia and Prelature
(December 22, 2005) | BENEDICT XVI

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