On the link is a chapter that forms the convergence of philosophy, theology, and history that gives the informed Catholic perspective as to a background as to how all the stories that follow herein could be possible in this day and age…….

Americanism And The Collapse Of The Church In The United States By Prof. Dr. John Rao


Fidel Castro and the Death of a Man-Symbol – (Another Experimental Socio-Economic System That Did Not Work) as viewed through a Faithful Catholic perspective


Updates on the pro-life movement in Britain

SPUC – Pro-Life – Society for the Protection of Unborn Children – SPUC


Faithful Catholics just became labelled as terrorists

Late-Term Abortionist Warren Hearn: Pro-Life People are “A Violent Terrorist Movement” | LifeNews.com


Heresy Comes One Step Closer To Our Families

Vatican family czar: We will develop marriage programs ‘promoting Amoris Laetitia’ | News | LifeSite


It’s Becoming Growingly Clear That The Country Should Be Run From Texas Not Washington DC

Texas Now Requires Abortion Mills To Bury Or Cremate Babies Bodies https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/texas-abortion-centers-now-required-to-bury-or-cremate-babies-bodies

From this day in 2009 until the present The Nonsense In The Pontifical Academy for Life Continues

Clarification on procured abortion


Activist Radio: The Mark Harrington Show» Justice Ride: Training committed activists for life  » Via podcast 26 minutes


The Abortion Mills Tell Us The Rare Case Of A Baby Born Anyway During An Abortion is One In A Million

How About The Facts – HUNDREDS ! In The United States Alone – How Many Doctors Should Be In Jail Right Now According To Even The Current US Law

Hundreds of Babies Were Born Alive After Failed Abortions in the United States | LifeNews.com


Voiceless: Official Movie Trailer – On YouTube – 2 Minutes In Length


The Atrocities Of The Culture Of Death Due The Consecration of Russia Not Having Been Done  | On America Needs Fatima


Preparation Prayer For The Upcoming “Childermas” (Feast of the Holy Innocents) Dec 28th


Let us pray. O God, whose praise the martyred Innocents this day proclaimed not by speaking but by dying, put to death all vices within us, that Thy faith which our tongues profess, our lives also by their actions may declare.


Liturgical Year : Prayers : Holy Innocents or Childermas Day: Parental Blessing of Children | Catholic Culture