Mainstream media in print , radio, broadcast television and cable television is being largely dismissed by Judao-christian conservative elements of our societies It has been debunked and outed long ago by the traditional and academic cultures of same some time ago but now has it gone , in the terms they use today “viral”

It’s in the public mainstream – popular culture that the NY Times and the tabloids , as well as MSNBC CNBC -oftentimes Fox News as well as ABC , CNN (which was nicknamed the Clinton News Network during the election race ) the majority of the radio stations and even public television are all signing the same unified song of the new state religion in the US of Egalitarianism fueled by masonic philosophies as its core set of ideals

Conservative and traditional Internet stations are growing into the millions of members and subscribers while mainstream media has just kicked off re-orgs to their biased news divisions that have lost all credibility They put a lot on the line to attempt to influence the election and they along with Hillary have lost In the words of Michael Matt which now also apply to the mainstream media “Goodnight, Mrs. Clinton – A Partial-Birth Campaign Is Laid to Rest As Mrs. Clinton Now Knows What It Feels Like To Be Aborted So Close To Her Due Date” . To stem the blood letting some major media outlets facing huge subscription cancelations and advertising withdrawal are admitting biased coverage and a recommitment to attempt a more objective journalism – (as if that is possible for a liberal secular funded reporting concern)

Several television journalists went so far as to publicly admit on the record that they have been living in a “journalism bubble” and the election results shockingly revealed to them how out of touch they were with the rest of the country !!!

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This subjective propaganda type news has also been spear headed by our own Pope who called upon Italian journalists to seek out the Truth and seek out the Truth wherever it leads is exactly to what we are bound – even when the errors point to our own Holy Father our obligation to truth is higher

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