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And the Direction Of Modernist Bishops of the new religion dismisses him and cancels completely off the air the radio program , as reported on EP

The same courageous Dominican Priest and theologian Cavalcoli affirmed on Friday  the correctness of his pointed theses that homosexuality or adoption rights for same-sex couples deserved divine punishment by natural disasters.

This violates the new religion’s theology of Mercy – where supposedly no just punishment comes from God

But in Infallible Catholicism the Doctor of the Church Saint Thomas Aquinas teaches us in his Summa that “Mercy without Justice is the mother of dissolution; in the same way that justice without any Mercy is cruelty”  Today’s Mercy has zero Justice and therefore Saint Thomas says “Mercy without justice becomes pure confusion”

And that is what we have today as exemplified by our US Bishops

The USCCB (The United States Conference Of Catholic Bishops) made their election statement on Friday by having their fourth Border Mass at the Mexican border for the Democrats Open Border Immigration Reform Policy, violating Canon Law 932 -1 with the USCCB acknowledging that the far majority of all their remaining income $60 to $80 million dollars per year comes from Democrat Party driven Federal Funding

Faithful  Catholic Canon Lawyer Dr. Ed Peters has it that violates multiple Canon Laws-The Pharisees must face the Faithful Catholic resistance. Saint Thomas More did not leave the Church he faced them down

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