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The Brain Dead definition in the US violates traditional Catholic teaching and is just something else the US Catholic Church and the international post conciliar Church has not fought back on

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Pope Francis blesses the Dictator Maduro

What is coming next – the property wars according to Socialism’s redistribution of wealth heresies will become part of the new Church’s teachings

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The Bishop At San Diego , California has publicly stated that the new doctrine is that personal conscience trumps Church teaching and that there are times when  it is called for me to rule or advise in a way that “violates Church teaching !”

As we know all the devil was a liar from the beginning and so is this US Catholic Bishop that seeks to lie to people about what our Church holds to be true

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Even Societies that protect sacred historic buildings and create national landmarks of lost architecture and remnants of communications and transportation systems are dissolving as this next generation wants to plow everything under with no regard for traditional establishments because they are intravenously connected to the system’s machines

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We continue to unplug people from the Matrix as the war against the corrupt machines continues

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The Saint Of The Day That Fought Corrupt Bishops and a Dissident Pope and Remained A Faithful Catholic That Organized Many Into A Faithful Catholic Resistance and Restoration Movement

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