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Our Lepanto Battle Is Coming-

It is this battle or the war of persecution with the weapon of the Rosary – Men must climb into battle and realize this is a battle for their souls and that of their families

From the prayers at the foot of the Altar battling with conscience for permission to ascend the High Altar to —> the meditations of the Holy Rosary, as the God that became man began to sweat blood – the sounds of a half a legion of men could be heard clanging towards their mini camp in the garden of Gethsemane

This is not the Rosary of your grandmother this is the weapon Knights. Although antiquity it was used before suiting up with standard weapons. Along with chivalry, honor, devout Faith and slavery to the Son of God as a servant of our Queen

These are the prayers of all people of course but most of all of real men

Audio to help you pray The Holy Rosary and profit from it! To please God and our Blessed Lady. This audio product includes an exhortation and explanation on praying the Rosary

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OL Fatima

Happy Feast of the Apostles Saints Simon and Jude

Ave Maria