Fear is spreading throughout the country over the sightings of strange and sinister-looking clowns in towns and neighborhoods. No one knows who they are, where they come from, and why they are appearing

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“Our very country depends on voting correctly this November:’ Fr. Michael Orsi on You Tube


Fr. Michael Orsi warns about what is at stake in the upcoming election in this video

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WikiLeaks: Clinton Campaign Talks Rigging Polls


Papal persecution in Ablerga-Imperia continues into their Phase 2 past the deposing of the Traditional Bishop Oliviera and the closing of Franciscan of The Immaculata Seminaries on EP


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Why Did Francis Visit the Mosque in Bangui?… by Margaret C. Galitzin

To discourage the Catholic resistance against Muslims


More liberalisms come down from the Vatican on burial Rites further violating Sacred Tradition with the new religion

CDF instruction on cremation – affirming the status quo while opening the door to further concessions. Zenit report: Cardinal Müller clarifies — “not a mortal sin”, “not prohibited” to scatter ashes of the deceased


The Problems With The New Form Of The Sacrament Of Penance And The Consecration Of Russia That Was Not Done – 1st In A Series of Articles By Father Stephan Somerville

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Confession before and after Vatican II – Part III – Changes in the form of absolution – Fr. Stephen F. Somerville @ Tradition In Action.org

The source of the problem of the new theology of “all men are saved and none goes to Hell” are erroneously present in Vatican II documents such as within the contents of Gaudium et spes which our hierarchy should be publicly analyzing the source of the roots of the new errors