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In CMTV News

1- Close Friend Of The Newly Promoted Leader Of Jesuit Order Denies His (Father Sosa’s ) Ties and Associations With Marxism

2- Whistleblower Video Of The DNC’s Creamer Has Even CNN Saying The Evidence (That There Is Election Fraud ) Is Damming

3- Faithful Catholic Family Groups Are Organizing Against Bishop Johan Bonny- A Member Of The Catholic Church’s Growing Number Of Radical Liberal Prelates Bishop Bonny Is Calling For A Number Of Changes That Fly In The Face Of Church Teachings Including Official Blessings Of Gay Unions

Wikileaks Has Asked Supporters To Stop Their Demonstration To Prove That The Construction Of The One World Government And Their Total Control Of The Media Is Not Invincible

Widespread cyberattack takes down sites worldwide – Oct. 21, 2016

Two Popes -One Calls For Authentic Ecumenism With The Ancient Orthodox Of The East While The Other Continues To Attempt A Convergence With Protestantism

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Francis I_Kisses A Bound Copy Of Luthers 95-Theses Presented To Him As A Gift – A Symbol For Catholics For Which Millions Of Our Catholic Ancestors Lost There Life Defending Against


BREAKING: In a recent publication of the German journal Stimmen der Zeit (Journal for Christian Culture), Cardinal Walter Kasper published an article calling Amoris Laetitia a “paradigm shift” in the Church’s teaching

Can the ‘remarried’ now receive communion? ‘Yes. Period.’ | News | LifeSite

WWII Photograph Of A Roman Catholic Church Among The Ruins Of The Landscape – From The NationalGeographic Archives