The Civil War Within The Catholic Church Goes Public Mainstream – As The Denial Era Begins To End and when the denials stop and once all the all the skeletons are dragged out of the closet then the real intercession of the Queen of Heaven escalates – Only after the full examination of a public conscience (not a personal conscience)can there be moves toward the peace & unity she promised through the Truth of her Son

Archbishop Chaput Joins The Battle Front Against The Other Church Within The Catholic Church As It All Finally Goes Public

AcB Chaput rips Clinton campaign efforts to change Church teaching : News Headlines | Catholic Culture

CMTV Makes A National Catholic Broadcast Announcement

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Breaking! Hillary’s Email Hacker Has Emerged and What He Just Said Could End Hillary And The Democratic Party

FBI—Obama’s Counterfeit Catholics – Investigative Report

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Report—Team Clinton Fires Back at Catholics

WATCH: Democrat strategist defends Clinton team’s e-mails bashing Catholic faith | News | LifeSite

The eight stages of the rise and fall of civilizations | By Msgr. Charles Pope

 “A great resetting, a great rebooting of America is occurring , just like Obama announced eight years ago. And that change is now being completed. For Catholics, our change must be one toward greater holiness in the face of all the evil.” M. Voris in summary

Debate Season Not Only For Presidents But For Catholics

This site herein is “not” for the faint hearted This site herein enclosed and linked is for Catholic men by Catholic men Public hardcore apologetics The Church of nice ladies & effeminate crowd are more than welcome to attend as ‘contentious objectors’ as long as they do not start re-org’ing the Sacristy and the Lectors and start passing out Holy Communion in the hand but Let the knowledgeable Catholic men discuss the Truth with other not so knowledgeable Catholic men in an open public invitational with cigars and beer (as opposed to ?! good wine) Before viewing the following link to the AOTM Club viewing of the debate between Catholic traditionalist, apologist, writer, and lawyer Christopher Ferrara and Writer Apologist and Church of nice defender Mark Shea – one should begin with this primer on the about section

AOTM Debate: Shea vs Ferrara | AKA Catholic

The debate described below is within the top play window and possibly not labelled correctly and the site’s introducer prefaces the cut away to the invitational debate

It’s a most excellent watch of a 90 minute debate moderated by a Catholic Priest that puts reality into focus of the current dilemmas facing the Catholic Church

Below the main top link to the Ferrara debate is another older debate from earlier this year when the same Mark Shea attempted to take on Michael Voris  A more recent live men’s club debate on the AOTM that we have yet to see & review from same site

Is where supposedly conservative Catholic Alan Keyes , the African American Republican attempts to take on Chris Ferrara on a debate defending his untenable position on “Why Never Trump”

Out of the Miracles requested from the Graces received from honoring Our Lady of Fatima comes rays of sun through into the mainstream

The veneer of the denial stage among the Catholic populace begins to crack at the facade