Tim Kaine Originally Opposed The Radical Liberalism of Hillary Clinton

Kaine Video From 2005: If Hillary Clinton is the Nominee I Guess I’ll Support Her | LifeNews.com


US priest in Phoenix gives a scathing homily on the sins of voting for any President or administration that opposes moral law of our one true God

***Correction ***

The whole Homily was written by the most excellent Priest Father John Lankeit, that highlighted one of the key paragraphs of the letter sent to all the Priests of the Diocese by the stalwart Bishop Olmsted

John Lankeit

US Priest: Voting for the pro-abort in this election may put ‘your soul…in grave danger’

The homily is just over 19 minutes and worth every minute of watching


Pope Calls Attempts To Convert Others To Catholicism – A Sin Against Ecumenism

I Will Leave To Others The Debate As To Whether He Does Or Does Not Understand That These Notions Are The Central Doctrines Of Freemasonry  “Every degreed mason must keep his or her original religion (and infiltrate it) and anyone who converts others in the Lodge or from others Lodges to his or her religion is expelled “

Last paragraph of Saturday’s Interview with the Pope On Crux – (Scroll to the bottom of the article)


Jesuits Attempt To Drive The Abandonment And Suppression Of The US Coal System Through The Teachings Of Pope Francis

Seven Catholic institutions plan to divest from fossil fuel companies – CatholicHerald.co.uk


Pope Francis said in his session inside of a Mosque in his address  “Religions must never lend support to, or approve of, conflicts and disagreements,”

No word on whether they responded or not with the information that there are dozens of suras (their scriptures) in the Quran that dictate such required conflicts

As well as in all their tradition teachings of their social gospel

Religious tolerance is good for society and the soul, says Pope during mosque visit – CatholicHerald.co.uk


Pope’s Proposal To Dedicate The Next Synod To The Abolishment Of Priestly Celibacy Voted Down

I am starting to think that with the Conciliarism (Quasi democratic Christianity government model ) that so many Catholic traditionalist fought against as not being pure royalist Catholicism to have the hand of the Lord in knowing in advance what type of Pope we would be faced with in the future and their own rules (the progressivists ) trip themselves up

Proposed synod on married priests ‘was voted down by Pope’s advisers’ – CatholicHerald.co.uk


Bishop Johan Bonny of Antwerp Throws His Lot In With The Pool Of Heretical Bishops and how many others will self-excommunicate by the Centenary of Fatima now 372 days away

Belgian bishop calls on Catholic Church to approve ‘ritual’ for blessing gay unions | News | LifeSite


Cardinal Ruini’s Mission to Pope Francis: “In seeking after lost sheep, do not put the faithful sheep in danger” By Giuseppe Nardi On EP


Public statement on Amoris Laetitia On Tradition Family And Property’s Academic Arm

Amoris Laetitia Is A Serious Break with Church Teaching, Dangers to Marriage and the Family – Open public letter  link within the TFP article -à here—>



An Arab Muslim having meltdown after he learned the truth about Muhammad and Islam after he read “The People vs Muhammad” book. – As Seen On An Arab TV Station – Via YouTube


And from previous stories on Catholics and Muslims worshiping two different Gods please see the following Catholic Stories

Catholic Christians and Muslims Worshiping Different Gods Begin To Become Clear To More Catholic Church Leaders Speaking Out | TCE|


In A New Interview: Cardinal Raymond Burke Reiterates Two Gods & Says Islam Is A Danger | PewSitter.com October 5, 2016


Hillary and The Mysterious Motives Behind Terror Attacks Of Muslims- On Robert Spencer’s Most Trustworthy – Jihad Watch site —>

Video: Hillary and the Mysterious Motives Behind Terror Attacks — Anni Cyrus’ “Unknown”

Lepanto and the Feast of the Holy Rosary On EP


October 7 – How the Rosary saved Christendom – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


The Banners of Lepanto – Fr. G Rutler On Crisis Magazine




Our Lady Of The Rosary Pray For Us