Although they want her organs for other children

Brain dead is not true death by traditional Catholic standards and this committee of anti-euthanasia doctors – led by Dr. Paul Byrne

Judge rules OK to stop ventilator for 10 minutes

Suicides To Get Catholic Funeral Per The Former Catholic Church In Canada 

Canadian cardinal won’t refuse funerals for those choosing assisted suicide –

The Knees Of The Canadian Catholic Hospital Execs Begin To Buckle As Vancouver Catholic hospital takes heat for refusing to euthanize patient | News | LifeSite

China is Kidnapping People and Harvesting Their Organs While They are Still Alive |

The CBA Conference however has some questionable speakers among the world of professional Catholic compromisers to Truth

Among some of the slated Bishops speakers, some of whom are from the pool of former total silence on the culture of death on a public level (other than his Eminence Bishop Paprocki ) there is Hillary Byrnes

Assistant General Counsel USCCB and John Manos VP and General Counsel of EWTN who are ‘virtual’ partners in the mission of protestantizing the Catholic Church

Medical Ethics Begins To Fall – Hospice Owners Ordered Nurses to Overdose Patients to Speed Up Their Deaths |

Tradition, Family, and Property – Stop Assisted Suicide — The Life You Save May Be Your Own

Pro-Life Action Needed to Stop Washington D.C. From Legalizing Assisted Suicide |

The mantra of reducing marginalization in society and culture by the reigning political elites of the philosophical misfits ideologies is in the process of being rejected and termed “globalism”  , a trigger word for the new world order –

How Globalism Marginalizes Religious Communities – Crisis Magazine

Living The Life Of Propaganda Media Created Illusions Or Unplugging From The Matrix And Exchanging It For The Truth –

The People Are Beginning  To Awake And To See That The Two Polar Opposites – One Masked As Reality And The Other An Authentic Reality

The Great Disconnect | The Vortex

The Great Disconnect – On The Minuteman Message Board • By Dr. Robert Owens

The Fatima warning prefigured by Our Lady of Knock – Times Of An Approaching And Constant Storm –

As documented and confirmed by one of the eyewitnesses Mary Byrne

Sé do bheath’ a Mhuire, atá lán de ghrásta, tá an Tiarna leat.
Is beannaithe thú idir mná agus is beannaithe toradh do bhruinne losa.
A Naomh Mhuire, a mháthair Dé, guí orainn na peacaithe, anois is ar uair ar mbás. Amen.